“What’s that amazing smell? Chocolate!”, Frozen-themed chocolate fountain

You can’t help loving a chocolate fountain.  And once you start dipping, you can’t stop (well in my case anyway)!   Children adore them too. You’ll have happy chocolatey faces everywhere. Make sure you have lots of wipes. Running the fountain won’t be messy, but the kids will be! But regardless of any mess, I can do this, I was born ready!

Frozen-themed chocolate

The amazing thing is that you can get all sorts of colours of chocolate to flow through them. And although most people prefer dark or milk chocolate, a white or even blue chocolate cascade would be fabulous at a Frozen-themed party.

Frozen-themed Chocolote fountain – Dipping items

As for the items to dip, you can’t go wrong…everything will fit so well with the Frozen party theme.

Marshmallows monsters – check!

Frozen heart strawberries – check!

Pretzel stick Olaf arms – check!

Mini meringue snow balls – check!

All absolutely delicious.


Plenty of choice 

Like anything these days, there’s plenty of choice.  You can buy chocolate fountains fairly cheaply, or you can go chocolate crazy and buy one with lights on.

Amazon.com: Chocolate fountain (sensible size).

Frozen themed chocolate fountain


Amazon.co.uk: Colour Changing Illuminated Surround chocolate fountain


Frozen themed chocolate fountain - lights colour changing


I have to admit, this would look pretty awesome with Frozen blue lights on.


For lots more ideas of Frozen party food, check  out our website: www.frozenpartyideas.co.uk/frozen-party-food.

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