Ten of the best Queen Elsa doll cakes

Barbie doll cakes have been around for a long time, they have been adapted to create Disney princess cakes and most recently to create beautiful and glamorous Elsa and Anna princess doll cakes.  These Elsa princess doll cakes can be the most amazing centrepiece at your child’s Frozen themed party. They are relatively easy to make, if you have a Elsa doll to hand.  We’ve collected ten of the best Elsa doll cakes from around the web.

Queen Elsa doll cake: Large snowflakes

We love the beautifully sculpted white snowflakes on this Elsa doll cake. Elsa’s skirt is built up with flowing layers of ice blue fondant.

Queen Elsa cake - Elsa large snowflakes olaf

Source: Pinterest


Queen Elsa Doll cake: Large frosting swirls

A tasty alternative to fondant icing as decoration to an Elsa doll cake, is buttercream icing swirls.  This Elsa cake features hundreds of ice-blue buttercream swirls.

Queen Elsa cake - frosting swirls

Source: Pinterest

Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Snowflake lights

We love a bit of technology in our cakes, here’s an Elsa doll cake featuring pretty back-lit snowflakes around her hem.  She’s a sparkly magic masterpiece! We also love the detailed piping work featuring teal, ice blue and white snowflakes around the top of her skirt.

Queen Elsa cake - lit snowflakes

Source: Pinterest


Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Pressed snowflakes, neat pearls

This Elsa doll cake features lots of neatly pressed snowflakes, easily made using a snowflake fondant press.  But we included this prince cake in our top 10 because we love the neat little icing pearls spotting from top to bottom of Elsa’s skirt.

Queen Elsa cake - neat pearls

Source: Unknown


Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Ice blue gradient

We love the use of colour in this cake, which features a dark-blue to ice blue gradient in Elsa’s skirt.

Queen Elsa cake - piped snowflakes and swirls

Source: http://www.yummymummykitchen.com/


Queen Elsa Doll cake: Rock candy 

We love a bit of Rock Candy and this Elsa doll cake is unique in that it features a whole lot of it around the base of Elsa’s skirt.

Queen Elsa cake - rock candy

Source: http://www.madebyaprincessblog.com/2014/05/Frozen-Birthday-Party.html


Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Ruffles

This super glamorous Elsa, is not built into the centre of the cake skirt, but poses in front of a cake smothered in ruffles of ice-blue ruffles. You can almost hear her singing “Let it go”. We love the extra detail that she is walking over snowflake lace.

Queen Elsa cake - ruffles

Source: http://cakesrock.rocks/rockin-cakes/2558431

Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Silver Swirls

This Elsa cake is decorated with painted-on silver swirls.  We love the neat seal between the doll and the cake skirt, using a single white fondant snowflake.

Queen Elsa cake - silver swirls

Source: http://www.facebook.com/janeebabescakes


Queen Elsa Doll cake: Sugar frosted

The simplicity of this Elsa doll cake is it’s beauty.  Elsa’s cake is decorated with a fine layer of crystal sugar, giving a pretty frosted effect all over.


Queen Elsa cake - sugar frosted


Source: Pinterest


Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Twists

Another super glam Elsa, surely singing “Let it go”.  This Elsa doll is also in front of her cake skirt, which is covered in layers of ice blue fondant twists.

Queen Elsa cake - twists and leg

Source: https://www.facebook.com/cupsncakeswnc

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