Olaf hug party entrance / Olaf photo booth

Party entrance olaf hugWhat better way to welcome the guests to your Frozen-themed party than with a warm hug from Olaf? He offers an instant photo opportunity too.

A life-size cut-out is ideal for creating a ‘wow’ factor when decorating your Frozen party (or Olaf party).  Plus, he makes a great gift for an avid Frozen fan; Olaf can live in your princesses bedroom happily ever after her party.





Where to buy:

United Kingdom: Argos (just £9.99 and free delivery)
Olaf cardboard cut out: http://goo.gl/oxwYVW

Olaf cardboard cut out


USA: ebay
Olaf cardboard cut out: http://goo.gl/sFZVCN

Olaf cardboard cut out USA