Frozen table centerpieces (centrepieces)

A Frozen themed table centerpiece will give a big boost the level of Frozenness of your party! A Frozen inspired table decoration, such as an Anna and Elsa Centerpiece at the gift table, buffet table or tea table, will be an both and eye catcher and a great keepsake for your little Frozen fan.

Here’s a round up of some our favorite Frozen themed table centerpieces…

Frozen table centerpiece: Elsa and Anna cutout with netting

Elsa and Anna party table centre piece


Frozen table centerpiece: Elsa, Anna and Olaf, with paper pompom

Elsa Anna Olaf party table centre piece


Frozen table centerpiece: Elsa cutout with netting

Elsa party table centre piece net and snowflakes

Source: unknown


Frozen table centerpieces: Elsa and Anna cutouts with voile

Elsa party table centre piece

Anna party table centre piece


Frozen table centerpiece: Marshmallow tree

Frozen centerpiece Marshmallow tree



Frozen table centerpiece: Frozen themed Flower arrangement

Frozen flower table centerpiece

Source: Unknown

Frozen table centerpiece: Age plate and snowflakes

Frozen Silver and snowflake center piece


Frozen table centerpiece: Crystal tree

Frozen table centerpiece - Crystal ice tree


Frozen table centerpiece: Ice blocks

Frozen table centerpiece - Ice blocks


Frozen table centerpiece: Personalized name plate

 Frozen table centerpiece - name

Source: Unknown

Frozen table centerpiece: Olaf ice sculpture

Olaf ice sculpture frozen centerpiece

 Source: Unknown

Frozen table centerpiece: Home made Arendelle castle

Frozen Arendelle castle table centerpiece


Paper snowflakes

Inspired by the recent snow, I’m going to make paper snowflakes with my kids this weekend.  The magic of paper snowflakes is that no matter what the weather looks like outside, it can be winter where you are. And, although it’s fairly obvious how to make a basic snowflake design, I started doing a little research on the subject to get inspiration.


First I found a great idea for creating a Frozen-inspired table runner for a Frozen party table.  That looks pretty neat and I’d love to try it myself on a ice-blue table cloth.

Frozen table runner

Then, I did some more searching and was amazed to find these amazing Frozen-inspired paper snowflakes (thanks to

Olaf paper snowflake

Olaf paper snowflake

Anna and Elsa paper snowflake


Kristoff and Sven paper snowflakes.

Kristoff-and-Sven -paper snowflakes

I’m going to attempt to make these, and you never know, I may end up combining both ideas to make a Frozen character paper snowflake table runner.

Okay, so I thought it ended there.  I was quite impressed with those designs.  Then I discovered there’s actually a professional artist, specialising in paper snowflakes.  Her name: Kit Cameo.  She is amazing.  I found them on the “Oh my Disney” blog ( These sent shivers down my spine…

Kit Cameo Paper Snowflake: Frozen full cast

This amazing paper snowflake features the whole cast of Frozen (well the goodies anyway), except Kristoff!  Wait what?! Sven really looks desperate for a carrot, and he’ll have to wait a while with no Kristoff around!


Kit Cameo Paper Snowflake: Arendelle

At first glance, Arendelle castle is the dominant feature in this snowflake, but it’s worth a closer look. I love the two profiles of Elsa in this one: first, the official flag silhouette on the path leading to the castle. Second, Elsa creating snow from her hands.  Watch out for the Frozen heart and Marshmallow the snow monster!


Kit Cameo Paper Snowflake: Frozen Fractals

The details are amazing. Just look at Sven the reindeer running to the rescue. I can also spot Kristoff’s Sleigh and a happy little Olaf running for a warm hug!


Respect Kit Cameo!