Elsa dress or Anna dress cupcake cakes (pull apart cakes)

What’s not to love about cupcake cakes (otherwise known as pull-apart cakes)?! They’re easy to bake, easy to serve and there are no speciality baking pans required!

Just bake enough cupcakes to allow at least one per party guest, and enough to ensure a good dress design.  We suggest about 25-30 cupcakes to create real impact.

On top of the normal kit you need to make a simple cupcake, all you really need to prepare is: a large cake board, the right food colourings for your chosen Frozen princess dress and a piping bag with a big nozzle! You may want to further accessorise the dress with a transparent veil, a magenta cape, a flurry of pretty snowflakes, or an yellow fondant Elsa plait.

Anna dress cupcakes  Elsa dress plait cupcake cake  Elsa dres cupcake cake


You can find more ideas for Frozen cupcake cakes via the inspirational photos on our website: www.frozenpartyideas.co.uk/frozen-birthday-cakes



  1. Make cupcakes and allow to cool (you may need to bake a few batches)
  2. Position your cupcakes in a dress shaped triangle on your board, adding 3-4 extra cupcakes at the top to create a bodice.
  3. Once you’re happy with the positioning, take a little butter-cream icing in your piping bag and just pop a dot of frosting onto the bottom of each cupcake, using the icing to ‘glue’ them into position on your cake board.
  4. Create the neckline and sleeves above the dress, using around 9-10 cupcakes  and glue these into place with icing.
  5. Using your piping bag and round piping tip, ice your cupcakes with a low smooth swirl, making sure you come all the way over the edges and use the icing to join the cupcakes on each side. Make sure you tailor the colour of your icing to the colours of the dress, bodice and sleeves.