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A lot of boys insist that Frozen is for girls. But, I know for a fact that there’s a lot of boys who also love it. My two year old boy is obsessed with Frozen; he learnt to sing “Let it go” before he learnt to sing any nursery rhyme and I have to be very careful to equally share and divide any Frozen-related gifts with him and his sister.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if my son asks for a Frozen party for his birthday too. I’m facing two Frozen parties this year, potentially, a girlie one and a boys one. Of course, the web is dominated by Elsa dresses and pretty Elsa and Anna princess party supplies. For boys, the availability of Frozen costumes and dressing up clothes is much more limited. Yes, there’s a few Olaf bits and pieces appearing, but my son for one isn’t only about Olaf. And he’s also not going to be happy sitting down and threading a princess bracelet as a party game, or decorating a tiara. There must be more games suitable for boys.

So, how to plan a Frozen birthday party for boys?

Kristoff Costume

These can look very cute on a little pre-schooler.  The outfit is actually pretty straightforward and can be made at home cheaply and easily.

Kristoff outfitHomemade Kristoff outfit

The DIY Kristoff costume shown above was created using:

  • a boys t-shirt,
  • a fleece scarf (used for belt)
  • a matching fleece ear band (used for neck trim),
  • and 50 cm fur fabric.


  • Cut sleeves off t-shirt at angle and attach fur.
  • Cut small v in neck of t-shirt then cut one side of ear band and attach to neckline of t-shirt.
  • Attach scarf as belt and make v shape cut on lower right of t-shirt and attach fur.
  • Pair with a long sleeve blue shirt and grey pants and we are ready for the Frozen themed birthday party.

Frozen-themed boys party games

Although some princess bits and pieces are fun for boys too, go for the winter activities and focus more on the Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. Perfect boy games would be:

Pin the nose on Olaf

Pin the nose on Olaf

Based on the classic pin the tail on the donkey, in this game the blindfolded party guest needs to pin Olaf’s nose on the snowman.

Building ice towers

Who can build the tallest tower of ice cubes, a la Kristoff the ice harvester?

Ice block sled racing


Kristoff ice block racesDivide up the party guests into two teams. Set up two stacks of ice blocks, help carry the ice over to the ice blocks to the sleds. Then have fun racing each other across the garden with the blocks of ice! Set it up as a relay, and see which team can transport all their ice blocks first.

Do you want to build a snowman

do you want to build a snowman olaf

This is a fun and easy party game and kids love playing it. You will need several rolls of toilet paper (snow) – all the same brand and number of sheets. The object of of the game is to see which team can make one of their team members into a snowman first by wrapping them in the “snow” (toilet paper) . To set up divide party guests into groups of 2 or 3 and give each team a roll of toilet paper. If the teams have 3 people each then one of the team members will be wrapped by the other 2 members of their team. Each team group gets a roll of toilet paper for each person who will be wrapping. Let the teams choose who will be wrapped first. On “go” the kids who are wrapping will give the end of the toilet paper to the person being wrapped and they will hold the ends in their hands. They then wrap their toilet paper around and around until they are out of paper and the person being wrapped is covered from head to toe. First group to empty their rolls of toilet paper yells “Snowman” and wins! Supply them with an orange carrot nose, some flimsy twig arms, and big black buttons, with sticky pads on the back, so they can dress their snowman too.  Give points for style!

Sven ring toss / Sven hoopla

Sven ring too

You can create a cardboard Sven target, usings his antlers as the pins, or you could buy an inflatable reindeer ring toss hat, as pictured, and have one of the party guests sit “collecting the rings”.  You could turn it into a team game by having more than one inflatable hat.  The team with the most rings hooked, is the winner.


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