Elsa braid cakes / Elsa plait cakes round up

Aside from Frozen Fever sunflower cakes, the most on trend Frozen birthday cake right now appears to be the Elsa braid cakes.  These cakes have become popular quickly because they are simple yet stunning, focusing on one of Elsa’s most popular features: The Elsa braid (or the Elsa plait).  The base is a single tier, round cake, which is normally frosted with ice-blue frosting. It is topped with a edible Elsa face, which is then augmented with a thick frosting, or marshmallow, braid.  The braid is often decorated with edible pearls, snowflakes or glitter.

Here’s is a selection of some of the Elsa braid cakes trending on the Internet.

Elsa braid cake: The original (?)

This is the first Elsa Braid cake spotted by the Frozen Party Ideas blog, and it appears to be the first one ever made.  It wasn’t long until several more popped up on Twitter and Pinterest.

Elsa braid cake original

Source: https://www.facebook.com/LeiteMelChocolate


Elsa braid cake: The followers…

The only difference I can see with this Elsa Braid cake is that the blue frosting is a shade darker, and there’s edible pearls around the outside of the cake body.

Elsa braid cake Snowflakes

Source: Unknown.


Elsa braid cake: Real vanilla pod frosting.

This cake uses slightly darker hair frosting, using real vanilla pod seeds for flavor, it must have tasted amazing.

Elsa braid cake vanilla

Source: Unknown


Elsa Braid cake: Butter cream frosting

I believe that this Elsa hair is the most appealing visually and also for my own personal palate which adores buttercream, yum yum. There’s a touch of edible blue glitter around the piped edge too, added sparkle!

Elsa braid cake white blonde

Source: Unknown


Elsa Braid cake: The wide braid

Not sure whether this wider braid was intentional, or not.  But one thing is for sure, there’s a lot more yummy icing on this cake!

Elsa braid cake wide braid

Source: Unknown


Elsa Braid cake: just Elsa’s head.

There’s no additional cake around Elsa’s head and hair on this cake, making it a tighter looking finish.  The hair is more high-definition than on other cakes, it could be made from fondant icing, rather than piped?

Elsa braid cake delaneysweettooth

Source: https://www.facebook.com/delaneysweettooth


Elsa braid cake:  Elsa braid cupcake

We absolutely love this cute adaptation of the Elsa braid cake, in cupcake form.  This little diddy Elsa has the most amazing little braid, with edible silver pearls, and edible glitter.

Elsa braid cupcake

Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Urbana-Inez-Designs


Elsa braid cake: Elsa and Anna braids

The sisters are both gorgeously presented here.  We love the line of icing showing Anna’s ice white lock of hair.  A lovely touch.

Elsa braid cake pearlsAnna braid cake

Source: Unknown


Edible Elsa face cake toppers.

The main element of the cake is the edible Elsa face topper, which you need to purchase rather than make as home.  Luckily the Elsa face toppers are available widely.

Elsa braid cake topper face - US


Marshmallow buttercream frosting / icing

The best way to get a nice white, glossy frosting for the Elsa braid is to use Marshmallow buttercream.  There’s a good recipe for this type of buttercream here:


One ingredient in Marshmallow butter cream is “Marshmallow fluff“.  You can either make your own marshmallow fluff or buy it in jars. It’s very easy to get hold of.

Marshmallow fluff

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