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In the last couple of weeks I’ve written a few “Buzzfeed” posts. Of course, as with everything, they are Frozen-themed. I’m sharing them here too, in case you missed them.  You can see all my Frozen themed buzzfeeds on:

1. The Terrifying Reality Of Becoming An Elsa Doll Cake

elsa cake


2. How To Throw The Most Awesome Frozen Party Of All Time

Cupcake cake Frozen wardrobe large

3. Ten Etsy Items For Your Frozen Obsessed Child’s Bedroom

Frozen themed ice palace princess bed

Ten Frozen balloon models you’ll wish you had for your Frozen-themed party

So, I’ve seen a few party entertainers twisting balloons in my time.  Yes, they keep the kids entertained and happy.  But, I had no idea how far the world of balloon modelling had come on and how amazing and extreme balloon models, decorations, sculptures and structures have started to become big status-symbols at parties.  None so more, of course, than at a Frozen party.  You’ve gotta have a Frozen Elsa balloon model at your party right?  Well how about an entire Frozen ice palace made of hundreds of balloons.

Feast you eyes on these ten Frozen balloon models you’ll wish you had for your Frozen party.  I’ll start at the simple end first, so as not to blow your mind.


1. Frozen balloons: Lovely little, single balloon, Frozen ice wand

So, this is the sort of thing you’d expect at a kids Frozen party, right?  Nice, simple, twisted in front of the kids, ready in an instant, something they can play with for a few minutes and then forget they had.  Pretty, sweet, inexpensive.

Frozen ice wand elsa balloon



2. Frozen balloon: Elsa with sparkling ice cape

This was the first Elsa balloon model I found which had a Elsa ice cape accessory, and I fell in love with her instantly. I love that the cape is transparent, like the “real thing”, and shimmers in the light.  It’s either filled with glitter, or they are glitter balloons.  Either way, this is a stunning Elsa cape made from balloons!

Elsa dress cape balloon model

Source: unknown


3. Frozen balloons: Coronation day Anna

I love this princess Anna balloon model because of all the details carefully applied to her coronation day outfit.  All the elements are there:  coronation day hair up-do with hair clip, coronation day necklace and a stunning coronation day dress, with painted on details.  All with balloons people, it’s balloons!

Anna Frozen balloon model



4. Frozen balloons:  Elsa with braid and snowflake cape

This Elsa balloon model really looks like she has a friendly personality.  I love her hair braid, her coy smile and her real snowflake cape.  She’s really looking forward to the party and has brought some balloons along.
Elsa with plait balloon model



5. Frozen balloons:  Anna, with gold rimmed bodice

This Anna balloon model shows Anna in her blue skirt and black bodice.  I love the detail of the golden rim around the bodice. There’s just one detail missing: Anna’s lock of white hair in her plait isn’t there.
Anna balloon model

Source: Unknown


6. Frozen balloons: Elsa with woven ice cape of balloons

This Elsa balloon makes the list because of the chic Elsa cape, made of twisted and woven balloons.  It looks like a separate accessory, so perhaps it’s even removable.  I’d love to try it on!

Elsa balloon model



7. Frozen balloons:  Floating Olaf in summer

I just love the creative thinking around this Olaf in summer balloon model.  “You’ve got a pool?  Great, balloon Olaf can float on it!” Check this guy out, chilled summer Olaf, with cocktail (including straw) and flower neck garland (which isn’t balloons unfortunately).

Olaf in summer balloon model



8. Frozen balloons:  Balloon arch with Elsa, Anna and Olaf

Okay, so by this point, you are all thinking that Elsa or Anna balloon models are easy!  Oh come on.  They are not. It’s just you’ve seen some amazing Frozen balloon models on this page!  Here’s another step up: an amazing balloon arch, with small and large snowflakes and Elsa, Anna and Olaf hosts welcoming you to the party.

Frozen balloon arch with snowflake


Source: Unknown


9. Frozen balloons: Frozen fever sunflower cake

If you liked that balloon party entrance, how about this Frozen ever party entrance?  This one was modelled on Anna’s Frozen Fever sunflower cake.  I just love the white frosting loops, made from tightly knotted balloons.  And the sunflowers, just brilliant!

Frozen fever Sunflower cake balloon model


10. Frozen balloons: Elsa’s ice palace party entrance

There’s nothing like a first impression, but after seeing this balloon ice palace at the entrance of this party, you would expect to be entering the most amazing party of your life.  This balloon ice palace, complete with Elsa’s balcony, has to be the most elaborate Frozen balloon construction I’ve ever seen…
Frozen ice castle balloon model


…and it’s even more spectacular lit up at night!  If you have something to beat this, I’d love to see it!

Frozen ice castle balloon model with lights


5 Frozen party essentials for under £1

When you are planning a party, Frozen or otherwise, the cost can quickly spiral out of control.  An individual party favour may seem a  good price when bought individually, but multiple it by 30 or more party guests and you’re soon forking out a lot of money.

But, if you shop smart and look carefully, you can always find some bargains.  Here’s five Frozen party ideas for under a pound, yes under £1.  An most of them are Frozen party essentials!!

1. Frozen cake pop printable (Etsy)

Frozen cake pop printable



2. Elsa cupcake toppers (Etsy)

Elsa cupcake toppers




3. “Build a snowman”  sweetie bag favour label (Etsy)

Frozen Party favour label


4. Snowflake fondant plunger (Amazon)

So,this is just over a pound, but it’s invaluable for your Frozen party.

Snowflake plunger


5. Frozen inflatable wand party favour

Frozen wand

Anna and Elsa party hair – Elsa Hair styles and braids

Every little girl (and some boys, mine included), wishes to have perfect Elsa or Anna hair every day and especially for a birthday party. You could also go totally girlie and host a Frozen pamper party for your birthday treat. Provide full hair styling (with accessories), make up and nails for all your party princesses.

To create an Elsa hair do, you can go two routes:

1. A wig or Elsa hair piece for short hair; or,
2. if they have long hair, you can attempt to style their hair with an Elsa or Anna hair do.

Of course, there are lots of products available, for following both routes!

Anna / Elsa hair using your own hair.

Guide book: Frozen fever hairstyles inspired by Anna and Elsa.

Frozen fever hairstyles bookAnna and Elsa hairstyles guide book available from, includes 28 fantastic Frozen Fever hair styles from princess Anna and queen Elsa.








Hair accessories: Elsa glitter snowflake hair clips

Snowflake hair clipsBeautiful blue glitter snowflakes to add to your Elsa braid.





Elsa hair accessories: Elsa inspired snowflake hair pin

Elsa snowflake hair pins

These absolutely beautiful snowflake hair pins will add a shimmering, elegant touch to your look! Perfect to dress up like the beautiful Queen Elsa.






Elsa hair styling kit 

Elsa hair styling kit


Get the perfect Elsa hairstyle with this Frozen plait kit for long hair, perfect for a party hair style, fancy dress or everyday princess style.

– The kit contains 1 snowflake plait tool and 2 Velcro snowflake charms

– Full instructions on pack





Princess Anna Frozen Fever sunflower hair clip

Frozen anna sunflower hair clip

This pretty Frozen Fever-inspired Sunflower hair clip is perfect for all girls who love princess Anna! It would be an amazing accessory to her party outfit, or a fantastic favour from a Frozen princess pamper party!





Faking the Elsa hair look

Elsa Fake Hair Aliceband

Frozen elsa fake hair hairband

This lovely little Elsa Fake Hair Aliceband, is perfect for a younger Elsa look a like, and features a little crown.









Elsa wig

Elsa wigThis full Elsa wig  can fit adults and children over 5 years old, because there is an adjustable elastic band with hook inside, you can adjust it according to your needs.  It’s a more serious Elsa wig, for a little girl taking her role as Elsa, very seriously.


Frozen table centerpieces (centrepieces)

A Frozen themed table centerpiece will give a big boost the level of Frozenness of your party! A Frozen inspired table decoration, such as an Anna and Elsa Centerpiece at the gift table, buffet table or tea table, will be an both and eye catcher and a great keepsake for your little Frozen fan.

Here’s a round up of some our favorite Frozen themed table centerpieces…

Frozen table centerpiece: Elsa and Anna cutout with netting

Elsa and Anna party table centre piece


Frozen table centerpiece: Elsa, Anna and Olaf, with paper pompom

Elsa Anna Olaf party table centre piece


Frozen table centerpiece: Elsa cutout with netting

Elsa party table centre piece net and snowflakes

Source: unknown


Frozen table centerpieces: Elsa and Anna cutouts with voile

Elsa party table centre piece

Anna party table centre piece


Frozen table centerpiece: Marshmallow tree

Frozen centerpiece Marshmallow tree



Frozen table centerpiece: Frozen themed Flower arrangement

Frozen flower table centerpiece

Source: Unknown

Frozen table centerpiece: Age plate and snowflakes

Frozen Silver and snowflake center piece


Frozen table centerpiece: Crystal tree

Frozen table centerpiece - Crystal ice tree


Frozen table centerpiece: Ice blocks

Frozen table centerpiece - Ice blocks


Frozen table centerpiece: Personalized name plate

 Frozen table centerpiece - name

Source: Unknown

Frozen table centerpiece: Olaf ice sculpture

Olaf ice sculpture frozen centerpiece

 Source: Unknown

Frozen table centerpiece: Home made Arendelle castle

Frozen Arendelle castle table centerpiece


Melted Olaf chocolate bark

Calling all chocolate lovers! If normal chocolate bars just aren’t cutting it for your Frozen party, now you can up your Frozen game with this quick, easy, melted Olaf chocolate bark. It would be as happy on the birthday tea table as wrapped in cellophane as Frozen party favours.

The setup is simple: White chocolate is melted and topped with pieces of a melted Olaf. But perhaps the real highlight of this the white chocolate carrot noses and Olaf eyeballs that stare back at you.

This recipe is so easy, it’s great fun to do together with the birthday boy or girl.


Melted Olaf Chocolate bark -

Ingredients: Melted Olaf Chocolate bark

  •  450g white cooking chocolate
  • 50g white mini marshmallows (seperate out 24 to make Olaf’s eyes)
  • 20g pretzels (broken into Olaf arm and hair shapes)
  • 12 white chocolate carrot decorations
  • 150g chocolate balls or chocolate chips
  • Black design icing tube – for Olaf’s eye pupils



1. Prepare Olaf’s eyes, by adding tiny dots of black icing to eye of the 24 mini marshmallows reserved for the Olaf eyes.

Marshmallaw Olaf eyes

Marshmallaw Olaf eyes

2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave and mix in the mini marshmallows

Melted white chocolate and mini marshmallows

Melted white chocolate and mini marshmallows

3. Pour onto a lined baking tray

Olaf chocolate bark

Pour onto a lined baking tray

4. Add the pretzel Olaf arms and hair

5. Add the Olaf eyes, in pairs

6. Add the Olaf buttons

7. Add the Olaf carrot noses

Olaf chocolate bark close up

Olaf chocolate bark

8. Place the chocolate bark, on the baking tray, in the fridge for an hour

9. Cut into chunks (large ones for Mummies, small ones for little party guests!)

Melted Olaf chocolate bark

Melted Olaf chocolate bark



Melted Olaf chocolate bark

Melted Olaf chocolate bark


Frozen-themed pancakes

Don’t forget that tomorrow is pancake day! How about flipping a Frozen-themed pancake this Shrove Tuesday? These are great ideas if you are having a small Frozen-themed party this half term.

Snow queen pancakes

We love this Elsa pancake from “Miss Recipe” on YouTube. The first pancake looks like Elsa.

Olaf pancakes

Anyone else fancy a gorgeously tanned Olaf pancake tomorrow?

(Nice work Saipancakes)


Blue and white snowflake pancakes

These pancakes are so pretty and the colour scheme will match your Frozen-themed party beautifully. Snowflake pancake art!


Buzzfeed link:

Cinnamon-Sugar Snowflakes

For something completely different at a Frozen-themed birthday tea party, why not try these cinnamon-sugar snowflakes?
You’re going to love how easy these snowflakes are to make. Only four ingredients and they’re ready in ten minutes.  The kids could even cut the snowflakes themselves!


  • Flour or whole wheat tortillas
  • 2 vegetable oil or nonstick cooking spray
  • Powdered sugar
  • Cinnamon to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 200 c.
  2. Microwave tortillas, one at a time, for 10 seconds on high or until just warm.
  3. Fold tortillas in half, and then in half again. Fold in half again so it resembles a wedge (it will be thick.)
  4. Using kitchen scissors, cut triangles, circles and/or squares on the edges of the tortilla, as if you were making a paper snowflake.
  5. Unfold tortilla and place on large baking sheet(s).
  6. Brush lightly with oil or coat with cooking spray.
  7. Bake for 5 to 8 minutes or until lightly browned and crisp, turning once.
  8. Transfer to a wire rack.
  9. Generously sift powdered sugar over the warm tortillas.