101 Frozen Party Ideas

Are you looking for the ultimate list of Frozen Party Ideas?  Well you’ve just found it!  Here’s 101 ideas for throwing a Frozen themed party, collected from around the Frozen-crazed internet.

  1. Hire an Elsa Entertainer
  2. Welcome guests with Olaf
  3. Throw “Olaf butt” water balloons
  4. Eat blue chocolate fondue
  5. Pull apart an Elsa dress cupcake cake
  6. Serve “Frozen heart” strawberries
  7. Supersize an Elsa “Airwalker” balloon
  8. Elsa braid cake
  9. Ship in real snow!
  10. Hire a foam machine (fake snow)
  11. Stream our Frozen party playlist on Spotify
  12. Fill a stand with blue and white cake pops
  13. Hire a Frozen bouncy castle
  14. Cover Pringle cans with Frozen wrappers
  15. Play pin the nose on Olaf
  16. Make an Olaf in summer Jelly
  17. Sing Frozen karaoke with home made mics
  18. Decorate tables with Elsa center pieces
  19. Present cupcakes on an Elsa dress stand
  20. Cut out a snowflake table runner
  21. Craft individual princess tiara’s
  22. Build a Frozen rock troll for your patio
  23. Hire a Frozen-themed ice cream van
  24. Smash an Olaf shaped Pinata
  25. Freeze water in sand castle buckets
  26. Hang Frozen inspired bunting flags
  27. Fill Frozen ice cream sandwiches
  28. Create Arendelle tourist board invitations
  29. Make Elsa dress cupcakes
  30. Hang a Frozen Fever style birthday banner
  31. Make glue gun snowflake decorations
  32. Make healthy Greek yogurt Olaf treats
  33. Make Rock Troll truffles
  34. Hang balloon snowflakes from the ceiling
  35. Make a ice palace chandelier
  36. Fry up some cinnamon sugar snowflakes
  37. Create a Frozen themed party count down calendar
  38. Make a Elsa princess doll cake
  39. Serve ice-blue cocktails for the grown ups
  40. Throw snowballs at Marshmallow
  41. Have a few Frozen jokes up your sleeve
  42. Make Frozen heart ice cubes for drinks
  43. Munch on some Elsa braid cookies
  44. Serve Olaf snow cones
  45. Top a cupcake with a Elsa dress
  46. Send Frozen themed invites
  47. Serve a Frozen Fever sunflower cake
  48. Toast with blue sparkling wine
  49. Pour milk into Olaf plastic cups
  50. Treat your guests with Elsa dress favour boxes
  51. Hand out Frozen themed picnic boxes
  52. Snap a Frozen themed photo booth
  53. Sprinkle snowflake confetti across your table
  54. Candy floss snow cones
  55. Commission an Olaf ice sculpture
  56. Have someone dress as Frozen Anna
  57. Give Frozen Golden Books as Favours
  58. Stamp snowflakes from napkin corners
  59. Add sparkle to plastic silverware
  60. Make Olaf chocolate bark
  61. Hang snowflakes from the ceiling
  62. Blue glitter Elsa nail polish favors
  63. Whip up Frozen blue icecream cones
  64. Hang regal Arendelle-esque banners
  65. Lay a snowflake pathway
  66. Make a pile of balloon Snowgies
  67. Make Olaf chocolate covered Oreos
  68. Paint Frozen glitter tattoos
  69. Make mini Elsa braid cupcakes
  70. Cut cheese snowflakes for crackers
  71. Make Olaf baseball cap favors
  72. Open Frozen themed fortune cookies
  73. Lay your party table like Anna’s dress
  74. Send Elsa dress invitations
  75. Hide snowflakes in your cupcakes
  76. Serve Olaf noses as a crispy snack
  77. Make Anna dress rice krispie treats
  78. Use sunflowers as decorations
  79. Warm up with an Olaf hug hot chocolate
  80. Dress your table in a Frozen themed tutu
  81. Get silly withTroll snot party favors
  82. Stick a parasol in an Olaf summer cupcake
  83. Invest in a snowflake plunger cutter
  84. Make Elsa dress favor bags
  85. Freeze edible snowflakes in popsicles
  86. Learn how to make rock candy ice sheets
  87. Help clean with up Frozen listerine favors
  88. Braid your party hair like Elsa’s
  89. Twist an Elsa balloon model
  90. Set up an blue drinks fountain
  91. Flip an Frozen themed pancake
  92. Make a Kristoff costume for a boy
  93. Add sparkle to wine glasses
  94. Crown the birthday girl
  95. Scoop ice cream Snowgies
  96. Munch on snow marshmallow balls
  97. Put Sven the reindeer on your cake
  98. Build a cheese snowman
  99. Blow Frozen bubble wands
  100. Hand out gloves as favors
  101. Play Sven’s Antlers ring toss

Elsa frozen ice palace party drinks fountain

I stumbled upon this over the weekend and could not believe how absolutely perfect it would be for a Frozen party.

Previously I have written about including a blue chocolate fountain (or blue chocolate fondue) at a Frozen party, but this cocktail fountain is even more like Elsa’s ice palace fountain. A ice blue punch (see recipe below) running through the fountain would add to the effect.

Frozen fountain a

The punch fountains are available to buy on Amazon.

Recipe for blue punch

If available use 1 part blue Hawaiian punch to 2 parts sprite.


Mix a little blue slush syrup together with lots of sprite – make sure you test it!

Cotton Candy snow (candy floss snow)

Cotton candy has always seemed magical to me, it’s wispy charm appealed to me as a child and I was always drawn toward cotton candy stalls at school fêtes or at fairgrounds.  Now, I’ve realised just how much it looks like snow and what a wonderfully decorative feature it would make a a Frozen themed party.  It is also quite versatile in it’s use, from desserts, to drinks and of course easy, child-pleasing Frozen-themed party favours!

Frozen themed desserts using cotton candy

It’s simplicity is genius, but simple peaks of blue cotton candy look just like the North Mountain.

Frozen party -Candy floss snow peaks

(source: http://catchmyparty.com/)

And balls of blue or white candy floss are very realistic snow balls.

Frozen party -Candy floss snow cones

(Source: http://blog.dressmycupcake.com/)

Cotton candy wands make a stand out centre piece on your Frozen-theme dessert table.

Frozen party -candy floss wands

(Source:  unknown)

Frozen themed drinks using cotton candy

Frozen themed snowball cocktail, using white cotton candy

Whipped cream flavoured vodka mixed with lemon juice makes this drink a perfect combination of sweet and sour!

Frozen party -Candy floss cocktail - snow ball

(source: http://tastykitchen.com/)


  • 2 measures, fluid Whipped Cream Flavoured Vodka
  • 1 measure, freshly squeezed lemon Juice
  • 1 “ball” of white cotton candy
  • Sugar or white sugar pearls, to frost a martini glass


  1. In a shaker filled with ice cubes, put in 2 shots of whipped cream vodka and one shot of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Place the cotton candy in a martini glass rimmed with sugar or white sugar pearls. Strain the cocktail over the cotton candy, “melting” the snowball and infusing the cocktail with sweetness.

Frozen themed kid’s mocktail using cotton candy

This strikingly beautiful children’s mocktail is simple. First, freeze water in snowflake shaped ice cube trays before the party. When it’s time to serve, be sure to use clear glasses so the kids can enjoy the visual appeal. Place the frozen snowflake ice cubes in the bottom of the glass. Next, add blue cotton candy in the glass, then pour water over it and watch the magic happen!

Frozen party -candy floss mocktail - ice water


Frozen themed favours using candy floss

All the kids can take their own lump of Arendelle snow home with them with candy floss party favours.

Frozen party -candy floss goblets favours

(source: http://catchmyparty.com/)

Frozen party -candy floss icecream favours

(source: http://www.thesweetestbaker.com/)


Cotton candy making machines

If you are going to use a lot of cotton candy at a party, say if you can giving away 30 cotton candy favours, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a cotton candy maker, which are available to buy at around $45.  You could also then decorate your whole Frozen-themed party venue with cotton candy snow!

candy floss maker

Frozen heart ice cubes

This is the simplest idea for turning party drinks into Frozen party drinks: Frozen heart ice cubes.


Using a heart shaped ice cube tray to freeze Haribo little heart gems (buy these in bulk from ebay).

“Love can cure a Frozen heart” game

You could also use these Frozen heart ice cubes as a party game:

A race to see who can unfreeze heart the fastest using only their:

1. own body heat

2. love (which of course if the only real way to cure a frozen heart).