Elsa cupcake cake with bodice – Step by step

I’m no baker, or decorator, and I have only ever made about 5 birthday cakes in my life. But, over two days last week, I created an Elsa dress cupcake cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday party.  Which happened to be a Frozen-themed party (as if it was ever going to be anything else). I chose to make a cupcake cake, because:

  1. I’m pretty well experienced in making cupcakes.
  2. A mistake on an individual cupcake level, or even batch level, seemed easier to rectify than an error with a whole large cake
  3. I had the idea to hand the pulled apart cupcakes out individually at the end of the party, in cake pods, and together with the party favours.

My daughter’s party was on a Sunday morning and I actually started making the cakes on Friday afternoon.  The decorating bit happened on Saturday.  I had, however, been planning the cake for quite some time and so I had gathered the materials and ingredients over a period of a couple of weeks.

My inspiration for the cake came mainly from these two Frozen-themed cupcake cakes.

Cupcake cake - Anna Frozen Dress  Cupcake cake - Elsa Frozen Dress

Anna dress source: https://www.facebook.com/DashOfKreations

Elsa dress source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/442408363371332998/

The Anna dress cupcake cake was my particular favourite. I love the cape and the bodice particularly.  The Elsa dress also gave me inspiration for the snowflakes, organza cape and colour scheme.

I took the best of both designs to create my own cake plan/design (as below). My sketch was not quite to the standard of illustrations you’d find on Bake Off and clearly my maths is crap. But, here, I was able to depict for the first time, the key differentiator of my Elsa dress cake: the addition of the glimmering frozen fractal bodice.  I had not seen a true Elsa bodice on Pinterest or anywhere across the Internet over the past six months of working on Frozen Party Ideas.  I knew that my daughter and all her friends truly believed that the best dressing up Elsa dress was the Disneystore one, with a panel of horizontal sequins, so why shouldn’t the best cake have those too.

Embedded image permalink

With this plan to hand, I worked out my materials and ingredients list for an Elsa cupcake cake with shimmering bodice.


To make 48 cupcakes (you’ll only use 33, but you’ll want to choose the best ones).

  • 9 eggs
  • 611g butter
  • 611g caster sugar
  • 611g self raising flour
  • 3 teaspoons vanilla essence

Edible decorations

Tools and materials

Day 1:

Step 1: Make the cupcakes

The first step is to make the massive batch of cupcake mix. I used nine eggs as this cupcake cake dress is large.  You should always weigh your eggs to give you the required weights of the other cupcake ingredients.  My eggs weighed 611g, which meant I needed 611g of butter, sugar and flour too.  Tips here are to ensure your butter is at room temperature before you start, add the vanilla essence early on and introduce the flour to the mixture very gradually.

Embedded image permalink

Step 2: bake the cupcakes

I needed to bake four batches of twelve cupcakes as I only have one baking tray.  They went into the oven at 180 degrees centigrade and baked for around 20 minutes.

Embedded image permalink

Step 3: Make your snowflake decorations

This bit was my favourite part of making this cake.  I was able to use my new decorating toys for the first time.  I loved using my snowflake plunger cutters, it was almost therapeutic. I chose the KitchenCraft plunger cutters from Amazon.

Embedded image permalink

Plunging out snowflakes was very easy and fun.  I put them to one side on a piece of kitchen towel.

Embedded image permalink

May have gotten carried away with the mini fondant snowflakes! So cute!

Embedded image permalink

Then, the fondant snowflakes went into hibernation until the next day, when they topped the Elsa cupcake cake. I placed them all carefully into a tupperware container.

Embedded image permalink

Step 4: Make the fondant “Happy Birthday” text

The last activity for day 1 was cutting out the words Happy Birthday <Name> with my Wilton 40-Piece Alphabet/ Number Cut-Outs Set.  This was not as easy as I had assumed it would be.  It turned out that I needed to roll it out really thinly in order to be able to get the fondant out of the cutters more easily.

Until I realised that, this step did not go well.

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

This is what my text looked like in the end.  I used the turquoise fondant icing for this text, as it stood out best on the silver cake board. The white power is icing sugar, which disappeared before I place the letters on the cake board.  These letters also went into hibernation until the next day.Embedded image permalink

Step 5: Test your cupcakes in position on the board

I did this only for my own satisfaction to ensure that the cake was on the right track. After this I stopped for day 1.  Once completely cooled, the cakes went into tins to ensure they did not go stale.

Embedded image permalink

Day 2

Step 6: Stick the cape onto the board

The cape laid underneath the bodice and skirt of the Elsa dress cupcake cake, but the risk with this is that it could slip about on the board.  So the first step is to secure it, invisibly, to the board.  For this I used both double-sided sticky tape and quite a few blobs of thick water icing as glue.  I had to make sure I placed these in positions that would be hidden by the cupcakes when I place those on top of the cape.

Embedded image permalink

I then pushed and rubbed the cape onto the tape and icing glue, until it was firmly in place.

Embedded image permalink

Step 7: Ensure that all the cupcakes a flat and level

I cut the peaks off all the cakes. I used a very sharp knife, and ensured that none of the cakes was higher than the edge of it’s case.

Embedded image permalink

Step 8: Glue the dress part of the cake onto the board

Using more icing glue, I then stuck the dress cupcakes onto the board.  It was important to leave the arms until after I’d frosted the dress otherwise the cape would have hung over them and get covered in icing.

Embedded image permalink

Step 9: Make ice-blue buttercream icing

At this point, I got my daugher’s Elsa dress down to ensure my buttercream frosting turned out roughly the right colour.  This was important because there would be tens of little Elsas in the room at the party and I didn’t want the cake to look anaemic or fluorescent in comparison to their party dresses.

Unfortunately, I totally under-estimated the volume of food colouring I would need to achieve the blue of the Elsa dress.  This is the result of buttercream after a whole bottle of blue food colouring. Not Elsa blue.

Embedded image permalink

So I had to go out and clear the shelf of blue colouring in Morrisons!!!  In the end I used 3 bottles of blue and three teaspoons of green for the dress (two thirds of the cake), and half a bottle of blue and 1 teaspoon of green for the arms (one third of the cake).

Embedded image permalink

Step 9: Pipe frosting onto the dress part of the cake

I used a piping bag and star shaped nozzle and swirled starting in the middle and working out.

Embedded image permalink

Unfortunately it turned out that I made way too much buttercream.  But I was able to use some of this to frost the leftover cupcakes (which we enjoyed very much that day and for days after the party).   Here’s what was left over!

Step 10: Create the Frozen fractal bodice

Using three different colours of blue Renshaw fondant icing, I created the fondant Frozen fractals for Elsa dress bodice. After rolling out the icing, I cut 1 cm wide strips of fondant, of roughly equal length, which I then also cut into thirds.

Embedded image permalink

I then placed the fondant fractals in slightly overlapping layers, starting at the bottom of the bodice and working my way to the top.  The colours were laid somewhat randomly, but I made sure that there was no large clusters of the same colour. It was a pretty exciting part of the cake decoration process, as once complete, I could really see that my cake was going to be very different from the rest.  It was now unique.

Embedded image permalink

The finishing, magical, touch to this step was creating the shimmer effect on the bodice.  I achieved this by painting the strips of fondant with pearlescent baby blue metallic food paint. I painted the duck egg strips entirely, and painted the edge only of the turquoise and baby blue fondant strips, to give the effect of light reflecting off the ice shards.

Embedded image permalink

Step 11: Place fondant snowflakes on the dress

The fondant snowflakes where taken out of hibernation and placed on the fondant swirls of the Elsa dress.

Embedded image permalink

Step 12: Add the cupcake arms, and decorate

I then added the remaining cupcakes across the top of the cake, to create the arms.  These were frosted with the light blue 1/3 of the buttercream icing, and then I placed the mini snowflakes on the arms.

Step 14: Dress the cake and add the message and candles

The final step was to close the cape, which I did with a single staple.  I hid this by placing a sparkly gem necklace across the top edge of the cape, which I glued on with water icing.

I then placed the Elsa tiara onto the top few cupcakes.

Finally I glued the “Happy birthday” message across the bottom of my board.

Just before presenting the cake I inserted five birthday cakes into the top five cakes.

Embedded image permalink

In total the cake took me about 5 hours.

After the candles were blown out, I took the cake away, pulled it apart and placed the individual cakes into cake pods.  These were then handed out to the party guests, together with their party favours, as they left the party.  No mess, no fuss!

Embedded image permalink

Hope you like it.  I was quite pleased!

5 Frozen cupcake cakes as good as the princess dresses themselves

Since starting my Frozen Party Ideas blog, one of my favourite party ideas has been princess dress cupcake cakes.  So much so that I’ve also just made one for my own daughters birthday party, which was yesterday.

There’s a whole wardrobe of Frozen princess dresses you can model cupcake cakes on.  I’ve found five Frozen dress styles which have been turned into cakes.  Here below, are my favourite.  It’s a bit big headed, but one of them is mine!


Anna’s winter dress

Anna Frozen Dress

The key elements of Anna’s winter dress, which should appear on a cupcake cake, are the pink cloak and the flowers across the skirt.  There should also be a black bodice, with pattern and golden trim details.

Cupcake cake - Anna Frozen Dress

This Anna’s winter dress cupcake cake achieves all of the above.  It is unusual to use black frosting, but this cake is all the stronger for it.  I also love it that the arms are the minty green colour of the dress, which is normally hidden underneath the pink cloak.

Anna’s coronation day dress
Anna Frozen Coronation Dress

The key elements of Anna’s coronation dress, which should appear on a cupcake cake, are the two-tone green striped skirt, with flower detail, the black bodice with green cuffed shoulders and the golden tulip medallion.

Cupcake cake - Anna Frozen Coronation Dress

This Anna’s coronation dress cupcake cake achieves all of the above.  The green stripes of the skirt are the highlight of this cake, which is adorned with green ribbon to enhance the effect.  Gold frosting is used here for the bodice trim, and the pattern on the bodice has been pre-piped and placed on the black bodice.


Anna’s Frozen Fever dress

Anna Frozen Fever Dress

Anna’s Frozen Fever birthday dress is the most bright and cheerful of all the Frozen princess dresses, with the most unusual colour scheme.  The key elements of Anna’s sunflower dress, which should appear on a cupcake cake, are the large sunflower heads encircling the blue skirt, the black bodice with butterfly motive and the green and yellow tulip waistcoat.


Cupcake cake - Anna Frozen Fever Dress

This was the first Anna sunflower dress I found on the internet, and it’s gorgeous, but missing a few elements.  The large sunflower heads are certainly there, and the piping detail on them is fab.  The waistcoat is also there in green and yellow, but it’s missing the tulip detail.  The bodice is blue rather than black and the butterfly is missing.  Overall this is an amazing cake, I wish I had made, but there is room for improvement…

Elsa’s Classic Frozen Dress

Elsa Frozen Dress

The key elements of Elsa’s classic frozen dress, which should appear on a cupcake cake, are: the snowflake cape, the ice blue skirt, the bodice adorned with simmering ice fractals and white or very light blue arms.

Elsa dress cupcake cake 2 - Frozen party ideas

This is the cake I made for my daughter’s party this weekend, and after six months of research I think I nailed it.  The frozen fractal bodice is unique among all the Elsa dress cupcake cakes I have seen on the internet over the passed six months, but I’m hoping to kick off a trend!  I made the shimmering bodice using three different colours of fondant icing and I painted it with Metallic Pearlescent Baby Blue paint.

Elsa’s Frozen Fever dress

Elsa Frozen Fever Dress


Elsa’s summer dress is not a million miles away from her classic winter dress, but there are a few variations, which should appear on an Elsa’s Frozen Fever dress cupcake cake, which are: the pink flower cape, the ice blue skirt, the bodice adorned with simmering leaves and flowers and white and short shoulder cuff sleeves.

Cupcake cake - Elsa Frozen Fever Dress


This was the first Elsa Frozen Fever dress I found on the internet, and it’s gorgeous, but missing a few elements.  The pink flowers are certainly and these are placed very neatly and evenly across the bottom of the skirt.  Unfortunately there’s no actual cape, and the top half of the dress is not quite the right colour scheme (although I do like the white). Overall this is an amazing cake, I wish I had made, but there is room for improvement…


101 Frozen Party Ideas

Are you looking for the ultimate list of Frozen Party Ideas?  Well you’ve just found it!  Here’s 101 ideas for throwing a Frozen themed party, collected from around the Frozen-crazed internet.

  1. Hire an Elsa Entertainer
  2. Welcome guests with Olaf
  3. Throw “Olaf butt” water balloons
  4. Eat blue chocolate fondue
  5. Pull apart an Elsa dress cupcake cake
  6. Serve “Frozen heart” strawberries
  7. Supersize an Elsa “Airwalker” balloon
  8. Elsa braid cake
  9. Ship in real snow!
  10. Hire a foam machine (fake snow)
  11. Stream our Frozen party playlist on Spotify
  12. Fill a stand with blue and white cake pops
  13. Hire a Frozen bouncy castle
  14. Cover Pringle cans with Frozen wrappers
  15. Play pin the nose on Olaf
  16. Make an Olaf in summer Jelly
  17. Sing Frozen karaoke with home made mics
  18. Decorate tables with Elsa center pieces
  19. Present cupcakes on an Elsa dress stand
  20. Cut out a snowflake table runner
  21. Craft individual princess tiara’s
  22. Build a Frozen rock troll for your patio
  23. Hire a Frozen-themed ice cream van
  24. Smash an Olaf shaped Pinata
  25. Freeze water in sand castle buckets
  26. Hang Frozen inspired bunting flags
  27. Fill Frozen ice cream sandwiches
  28. Create Arendelle tourist board invitations
  29. Make Elsa dress cupcakes
  30. Hang a Frozen Fever style birthday banner
  31. Make glue gun snowflake decorations
  32. Make healthy Greek yogurt Olaf treats
  33. Make Rock Troll truffles
  34. Hang balloon snowflakes from the ceiling
  35. Make a ice palace chandelier
  36. Fry up some cinnamon sugar snowflakes
  37. Create a Frozen themed party count down calendar
  38. Make a Elsa princess doll cake
  39. Serve ice-blue cocktails for the grown ups
  40. Throw snowballs at Marshmallow
  41. Have a few Frozen jokes up your sleeve
  42. Make Frozen heart ice cubes for drinks
  43. Munch on some Elsa braid cookies
  44. Serve Olaf snow cones
  45. Top a cupcake with a Elsa dress
  46. Send Frozen themed invites
  47. Serve a Frozen Fever sunflower cake
  48. Toast with blue sparkling wine
  49. Pour milk into Olaf plastic cups
  50. Treat your guests with Elsa dress favour boxes
  51. Hand out Frozen themed picnic boxes
  52. Snap a Frozen themed photo booth
  53. Sprinkle snowflake confetti across your table
  54. Candy floss snow cones
  55. Commission an Olaf ice sculpture
  56. Have someone dress as Frozen Anna
  57. Give Frozen Golden Books as Favours
  58. Stamp snowflakes from napkin corners
  59. Add sparkle to plastic silverware
  60. Make Olaf chocolate bark
  61. Hang snowflakes from the ceiling
  62. Blue glitter Elsa nail polish favors
  63. Whip up Frozen blue icecream cones
  64. Hang regal Arendelle-esque banners
  65. Lay a snowflake pathway
  66. Make a pile of balloon Snowgies
  67. Make Olaf chocolate covered Oreos
  68. Paint Frozen glitter tattoos
  69. Make mini Elsa braid cupcakes
  70. Cut cheese snowflakes for crackers
  71. Make Olaf baseball cap favors
  72. Open Frozen themed fortune cookies
  73. Lay your party table like Anna’s dress
  74. Send Elsa dress invitations
  75. Hide snowflakes in your cupcakes
  76. Serve Olaf noses as a crispy snack
  77. Make Anna dress rice krispie treats
  78. Use sunflowers as decorations
  79. Warm up with an Olaf hug hot chocolate
  80. Dress your table in a Frozen themed tutu
  81. Get silly withTroll snot party favors
  82. Stick a parasol in an Olaf summer cupcake
  83. Invest in a snowflake plunger cutter
  84. Make Elsa dress favor bags
  85. Freeze edible snowflakes in popsicles
  86. Learn how to make rock candy ice sheets
  87. Help clean with up Frozen listerine favors
  88. Braid your party hair like Elsa’s
  89. Twist an Elsa balloon model
  90. Set up an blue drinks fountain
  91. Flip an Frozen themed pancake
  92. Make a Kristoff costume for a boy
  93. Add sparkle to wine glasses
  94. Crown the birthday girl
  95. Scoop ice cream Snowgies
  96. Munch on snow marshmallow balls
  97. Put Sven the reindeer on your cake
  98. Build a cheese snowman
  99. Blow Frozen bubble wands
  100. Hand out gloves as favors
  101. Play Sven’s Antlers ring toss

Frozen Party Ideas on Buzzfeed

In the last couple of weeks I’ve written a few “Buzzfeed” posts. Of course, as with everything, they are Frozen-themed. I’m sharing them here too, in case you missed them.  You can see all my Frozen themed buzzfeeds on: http://www.buzzfeed.com/frozenpartyideas

1. The Terrifying Reality Of Becoming An Elsa Doll Cake

elsa cake


2. How To Throw The Most Awesome Frozen Party Of All Time

Cupcake cake Frozen wardrobe large

3. Ten Etsy Items For Your Frozen Obsessed Child’s Bedroom

Frozen themed ice palace princess bed

Ten Frozen balloon models you’ll wish you had for your Frozen-themed party

So, I’ve seen a few party entertainers twisting balloons in my time.  Yes, they keep the kids entertained and happy.  But, I had no idea how far the world of balloon modelling had come on and how amazing and extreme balloon models, decorations, sculptures and structures have started to become big status-symbols at parties.  None so more, of course, than at a Frozen party.  You’ve gotta have a Frozen Elsa balloon model at your party right?  Well how about an entire Frozen ice palace made of hundreds of balloons.

Feast you eyes on these ten Frozen balloon models you’ll wish you had for your Frozen party.  I’ll start at the simple end first, so as not to blow your mind.


1. Frozen balloons: Lovely little, single balloon, Frozen ice wand

So, this is the sort of thing you’d expect at a kids Frozen party, right?  Nice, simple, twisted in front of the kids, ready in an instant, something they can play with for a few minutes and then forget they had.  Pretty, sweet, inexpensive.

Frozen ice wand elsa balloon

Source: http://www.daletheballoontwister.com/


2. Frozen balloon: Elsa with sparkling ice cape

This was the first Elsa balloon model I found which had a Elsa ice cape accessory, and I fell in love with her instantly. I love that the cape is transparent, like the “real thing”, and shimmers in the light.  It’s either filled with glitter, or they are glitter balloons.  Either way, this is a stunning Elsa cape made from balloons!

Elsa dress cape balloon model

Source: unknown


3. Frozen balloons: Coronation day Anna

I love this princess Anna balloon model because of all the details carefully applied to her coronation day outfit.  All the elements are there:  coronation day hair up-do with hair clip, coronation day necklace and a stunning coronation day dress, with painted on details.  All with balloons people, it’s balloons!

Anna Frozen balloon model

Source: http://www.balloongenuity.com/


4. Frozen balloons:  Elsa with braid and snowflake cape

This Elsa balloon model really looks like she has a friendly personality.  I love her hair braid, her coy smile and her real snowflake cape.  She’s really looking forward to the party and has brought some balloons along.
Elsa with plait balloon model

Source: http://www.vittoriaballoons.com/


5. Frozen balloons:  Anna, with gold rimmed bodice

This Anna balloon model shows Anna in her blue skirt and black bodice.  I love the detail of the golden rim around the bodice. There’s just one detail missing: Anna’s lock of white hair in her plait isn’t there.
Anna balloon model

Source: Unknown


6. Frozen balloons: Elsa with woven ice cape of balloons

This Elsa balloon makes the list because of the chic Elsa cape, made of twisted and woven balloons.  It looks like a separate accessory, so perhaps it’s even removable.  I’d love to try it on!

Elsa balloon model

Source: https://patriciaballoona.wordpress.com/


7. Frozen balloons:  Floating Olaf in summer

I just love the creative thinking around this Olaf in summer balloon model.  “You’ve got a pool?  Great, balloon Olaf can float on it!” Check this guy out, chilled summer Olaf, with cocktail (including straw) and flower neck garland (which isn’t balloons unfortunately).

Olaf in summer balloon model

Source: http://www.extremedecorations.com/


8. Frozen balloons:  Balloon arch with Elsa, Anna and Olaf

Okay, so by this point, you are all thinking that Elsa or Anna balloon models are easy!  Oh come on.  They are not. It’s just you’ve seen some amazing Frozen balloon models on this page!  Here’s another step up: an amazing balloon arch, with small and large snowflakes and Elsa, Anna and Olaf hosts welcoming you to the party.

Frozen balloon arch with snowflake


Source: Unknown


9. Frozen balloons: Frozen fever sunflower cake

If you liked that balloon party entrance, how about this Frozen ever party entrance?  This one was modelled on Anna’s Frozen Fever sunflower cake.  I just love the white frosting loops, made from tightly knotted balloons.  And the sunflowers, just brilliant!

Frozen fever Sunflower cake balloon model

Source: http://www.cenariobaloes.com.br/

10. Frozen balloons: Elsa’s ice palace party entrance

There’s nothing like a first impression, but after seeing this balloon ice palace at the entrance of this party, you would expect to be entering the most amazing party of your life.  This balloon ice palace, complete with Elsa’s balcony, has to be the most elaborate Frozen balloon construction I’ve ever seen…
Frozen ice castle balloon model


…and it’s even more spectacular lit up at night!  If you have something to beat this, I’d love to see it!

Frozen ice castle balloon model with lights

Source: http://www.cenariobaloes.com.br/

5 Frozen party essentials for under £1

When you are planning a party, Frozen or otherwise, the cost can quickly spiral out of control.  An individual party favour may seem a  good price when bought individually, but multiple it by 30 or more party guests and you’re soon forking out a lot of money.

But, if you shop smart and look carefully, you can always find some bargains.  Here’s five Frozen party ideas for under a pound, yes under £1.  An most of them are Frozen party essentials!!

1. Frozen cake pop printable (Etsy)

Frozen cake pop printable



2. Elsa cupcake toppers (Etsy)

Elsa cupcake toppers




3. “Build a snowman”  sweetie bag favour label (Etsy)

Frozen Party favour label


4. Snowflake fondant plunger (Amazon)

So,this is just over a pound, but it’s invaluable for your Frozen party.

Snowflake plunger


5. Frozen inflatable wand party favour

Frozen wand

Olaf party supplies – Olaf birthday party ideas

Olaf, the lovable snowman from Frozen, makes a wonderfully fun party theme for girls and boys alike.  An Olaf birthday party offers so many opportunities for Olaf party games, Olaf party treats, and Olaf party decorations and Olaf cakes (Olaf cakes are some of my favourite Frozen-themed party items).

Today we will be focussing on Olaf party supplies, in other words, items you can buy in advance of your Olaf party, to be prepared well ahead of time.  I won’t be going into Olaf party food here, as that’s a whole blog all to itself!  Instead, we will cover:

  • Olaf party invitations
  • Olaf party decorations
  • Olaf party games (to buy)
  • and Olaf party bags

Let the Olaf party fun commence…….

Olaf party invitations

Standard Olaf party invitation

Olaf invitation in summer party Most party supplies retailers stock these “Olaf in Summer” Invitations, which come in pack of 6 and with envelopes. These invitations feature the loveable snowman Olaf on the beach and can be coordinated with other Olaf in summer party supplies decorations.







Printable Olaf party invitation (Etsy)

Olaf invitation printableMake their birthday unique with this personalised birthday party invitation featuring Olaf.  This is a digital invitation, which you need to personalize with your event details when ordering. You will receive a printable JPG file via email, no physical items will be shipped. You can then print as many invitations as you need, keeping the costs down.





Olaf party decorations

Olaf “welcome hug” decoration

Party entrance olaf hugA “life-size” cut-out Olaf is ideal welcome to your Olaf party.  Combine with a drift of snow and a few helium balloon and you’ve got an easy and cheap showtopper. Plus, Olaf will be a great keepsake for your little Frozen fan; the cheeky snowman can live in your princess’ bedroom until the next Frozen party!










Super Shape Balloon Olaf Snowman Party decoration (Amazon)

Balloon Olaf Party decoration

This double-sided, Olaf-shaped foil balloon would make a great attraction at a Frozen kids party. The balloon features a self seal valve to lock in the helium and prolong its float life.













Olaf design balloon table decoration kit

Olaf balloon table decoration

18″ Foil Balloon featuring Frozen Olaf with latex balloon column in snow white.

This is supplied flat as a DIY kit with full instructions on how to create the finished decoration. It makes a superb table decoration for a Frozen themed party.  The big benefit is you only need to fill with air, no helium required.












Olaf party games (to buy)

Olaf party game: Pre-printed “Pin the nose of Olaf” game (Amazon)

Olaf party supplies - pin the nose on olaf gale


This Frozen Party Game is snow much fun! Suitable for 2-8 players, it’s a Frozen inspired spin on the classic “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game. Have each party guest put on the flower-print blindfold and place the carrot nose on the colourful poster featuring Anna, Elsa and Olaf.  This item contains a pre-printed poster (94cm x 62.2cm), 8 Olaf Nose stickers and a blindfold.





Olaf party game: Olaf Pinata with sweets (ebay)

Olaf party supplie - pinataInstead of giving Olaf a warm hug, the kids will love bashing this Olaf Pinata with a stick until he showers them with candy! This Pinata includes Olaf model, sweets and eye mask.









Olaf party games: Tomy pop up Olaf game (Amazon)


Olaf Birthday games - pop up olaf

This exciting action game that will keep everyone on their toes! Have your party guests take turns to slide the crystal ice sticks into the sides of the barrel… Whose stick will be first to make Olaf pop out? Play the game, round by round. Last player left is the winner! Suitable for 2-4 players and ages 4 years up.






Olaf party bags

Standard Olaf goody bag (Amazon)

Olaf goody bag

These bright Olaf design “Disney Frozen Olaf in Summer” goody bags feature a handle for easy carrying.  They are perfect for handing out all your Disney Frozen party favours.

Coordinates with other Olaf party supplies and Frozen decorations.










Olaf Party Favour bag printable (Etsy)

Olaf party favor bag printable


Transform plain white paper bags into charming representations of Olaf himself! This printable PDF file includes a set of Olaf’s facial features, arms, hair, and buttons that you can print onto card or sticker paper, cut out, and add to your own paper bags, making them look like Olaf.

Great thing is that plain white paper bags are very cheap to buy.  Winner!





Full Olaf party supplies kit for 16 guests.

The full “Olaf in Summer” party range is available to buy from Argos in a set suitable for 16 party guests.  With the bumper Olaf party kit, you get:

Olaf party supplies kit for 16 guests

  • 16 paper plates.
  • 16 plastic cups.
  • 1 tablecloth.
  • 20 napkins.
  • 18 candles.
  • 8 balloons.
  • 18 party bags.
  • 1 party banner.

Anna and Elsa party hair – Elsa Hair styles and braids

Every little girl (and some boys, mine included), wishes to have perfect Elsa or Anna hair every day and especially for a birthday party. You could also go totally girlie and host a Frozen pamper party for your birthday treat. Provide full hair styling (with accessories), make up and nails for all your party princesses.

To create an Elsa hair do, you can go two routes:

1. A wig or Elsa hair piece for short hair; or,
2. if they have long hair, you can attempt to style their hair with an Elsa or Anna hair do.

Of course, there are lots of products available, for following both routes!

Anna / Elsa hair using your own hair.

Guide book: Frozen fever hairstyles inspired by Anna and Elsa.

Frozen fever hairstyles bookAnna and Elsa hairstyles guide book available from Amazon.co.uk, includes 28 fantastic Frozen Fever hair styles from princess Anna and queen Elsa.








Hair accessories: Elsa glitter snowflake hair clips

Snowflake hair clipsBeautiful blue glitter snowflakes to add to your Elsa braid.





Elsa hair accessories: Elsa inspired snowflake hair pin

Elsa snowflake hair pins

These absolutely beautiful snowflake hair pins will add a shimmering, elegant touch to your look! Perfect to dress up like the beautiful Queen Elsa.






Elsa hair styling kit 

Elsa hair styling kit


Get the perfect Elsa hairstyle with this Frozen plait kit for long hair, perfect for a party hair style, fancy dress or everyday princess style.

– The kit contains 1 snowflake plait tool and 2 Velcro snowflake charms

– Full instructions on pack





Princess Anna Frozen Fever sunflower hair clip

Frozen anna sunflower hair clip

This pretty Frozen Fever-inspired Sunflower hair clip is perfect for all girls who love princess Anna! It would be an amazing accessory to her party outfit, or a fantastic favour from a Frozen princess pamper party!





Faking the Elsa hair look

Elsa Fake Hair Aliceband

Frozen elsa fake hair hairband

This lovely little Elsa Fake Hair Aliceband, is perfect for a younger Elsa look a like, and features a little crown.









Elsa wig

Elsa wigThis full Elsa wig  can fit adults and children over 5 years old, because there is an adjustable elastic band with hook inside, you can adjust it according to your needs.  It’s a more serious Elsa wig, for a little girl taking her role as Elsa, very seriously.


Olaf hug party entrance / Olaf photo booth

Party entrance olaf hugWhat better way to welcome the guests to your Frozen-themed party than with a warm hug from Olaf? He offers an instant photo opportunity too.

A life-size cut-out is ideal for creating a ‘wow’ factor when decorating your Frozen party (or Olaf party).  Plus, he makes a great gift for an avid Frozen fan; Olaf can live in your princesses bedroom happily ever after her party.





Where to buy:

United Kingdom: Argos (just £9.99 and free delivery)
Olaf cardboard cut out: http://goo.gl/oxwYVW

Olaf cardboard cut out


USA: ebay
Olaf cardboard cut out: http://goo.gl/sFZVCN

Olaf cardboard cut out USA

Frozen Elsa Entertainers for Frozen parties in the UK

If you are looking for a Elsa entertainer, Elsa look a like, or Elsa impersonator, the list below is basically as good as the Arendelle phone directory. The Frozen Party Ideas blog has endeavoured to collect as many UK-based Elsa Party Entertainers as possible and put them here, in one place. Some of these companies are larger party entertainment companies offering a full Frozen party experience via multiple princesses across multiple UK locations, others are smaller, one-Elsa-bands.  But this means there’s a wide selection of Frozen entertainers for you to choose from*.

If you have more names for the list, please contact me via the comments form below, or via our Facebook page www.facebook.com/FrozenPartyIdeas.

*Disclaimers, see below.


Elsa Entertainers UK (in alphabetic order by home county).


perfect princess parties

Perfect Princess Parties
Location: Bedfordshire
Website: www.perfectprincessparties/wix.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CentreStageParties
Characters available:
Elsa and Anna
 We are DBS certified and hold Public Liability Insurance.

Elsa bedford

Poppy LeMar (Queen Elsa-Bedford)
Location: Bedfordshire
Website: http://poppysdancingdolls.wix.com/elsabedforduk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PoppysDGDdanceparties
Characters available:
 Poppy is DBS certified and holds Public Liability Insurance.

palace parties ltd

Pretty Parties Ltd.
Location: Durham
Website: none
Facebook: www.facebook.com/prettypartiesltd
Characters available:
Elsa and Anna
 We are DBS certified.

Sisterly BOND as Anna & Elsa Hull

Sisterly BOND as Anna & Elsa Hull
Location: East Yorkshire
Website: www.hullmusic.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sisterly-BOND-as-Anna-Elsa-Hull/1541233842760990
Characters available:
Elsa, Anna and Olaf.
 We are DBS certified and have Public Liability Insurance.

beth's princess parties

Beth’s Princess Parties
Location: Essex & Suffolk
Website: www.bethsprincessparties.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bethsprincessparties
Characters available:
Elsa and Anna
 Beth is DBS certified.

Frozen forever princess party

Frozen Forever Princess Party Appearance
Location: Essex
Website: None
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FrozenForeverPartyAppearance
Characters available: Elsa, Anna and Olaf
Certification: The girls are all under 18 and therefore not able to apply for DBS certification, yet.


Little B’s Princess Appearances
Location: Essex
Website: None
Facebook: www.facebook.com/littlebsprincess
Characters available:
Elsa and Anna
 We are DBS certified.

Pretty belle

Pretty Belle Princess
Location: Essex & Surrey
Website: www.prettybelleprincess.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prettybelleprincess
Characters available:
Elsa, Anna & Olaf
 All of our entertainers are DBS certified and hold Public Liability Insurance.

Elsa hertfordshire - fairy tale party visits

Fairy Tale Party Visits
Location: Hertfordshire
Website: www.fairytalepartyvisits.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fairytalepartyvisits
Characters available:
Elsa, Anna & Kristoff
 Owner is DBS checked and has Public Liability Insurance.  The princesses are all under 18 and therefore not able to apply for DBS certification, yet.

Frozen Funky Chicks

Frozen Got Funky! By the Funky Chicks
Location: Kent & South East London
Website: www.funkychicks.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thefunkychicks
Characters available:
Elsa, Anna, Olaf and “The Frozen Chicks”
 All of our entertainers are DBS certified and hold Public Liability Insurance.

royal bella parties

Royal Bella Parties
Location: Kent and South East London.
Website: www.royalbellaparties.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/royal-bella-parties
Characters available:
Elsa and Anna
 All of our entertainers are DBS certified.

party pals

Party Pals
Location: Gloustershire
Website: www.partypalsstroud.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/partypalsstroud
Characters available: Elsa and Anna
Certification: All of our entertainers are DBS certified and we hold Public Liability Insurance.

Anna & Elsa Fairytale parties

Anna & Elsa Fairytale Parties
Location: Gwent
Website: None
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Frozenpartiesgwent
Characters available: Elsa and Anna
Certification: Anna is DBS certified.

Funtashiia Hampshire

Location: Hampshire
Website: http://funtashiia.weebly.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Funtashiia
Characters available: Elsa, Anna and Olaf
Certification:  Kallikid approved a parent company that check legal documents like DBS checks, business insurance.

Magical moments

Magical Moments
Website: None
Facebook: www.facebook.com/magicalmparties
Characters available: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Hans
Certification: DBS certified and holds Public Liability Insurance.

Frozen parties london

Frozen Parties London / DollyPop Parties
Location: London
Website: www.frozenpartieslondon.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frozenpartieslondon
Characters available: Elsa and Anna
Certification:  All of our entertainers are DBS certified and hold Public Liability Insurance.

happy kinder parties

Happy Kinder Parties
Location: London
Website: www.happykinderparties.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Happy-Kinder-Parties/163207070404920
Characters available: Elsa and Anna
Certification:  All of our entertainers are DBS certified and hold Public Liability Insurance.

JoJoFun kids parties

JoJoFun Kids
Location: London
Website: http://www.jojofun.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jojofunparties
Characters available: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf
Certification: All of our entertainers are DBS certified and hold Public Liability Insurance

palace parties london
Palace Parties
Location: London
Website: None
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PalaceParties1
Characters available: Elsa and Anna
Certification: DBS certified.

Pure imagination

Pure Imagination Parties
Location: London
Website: www.pureimaginationparties.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pure-Imagination-Parties/1526460864276733
Characters available: Elsa and Anna
Certification: All of our entertainers are DBS certified and hold Public Liability Insurance

Starlet events

Starlet Events
Location: London
Website: www.starletevents.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StarletParties
Characters available:
Certification: All of our entertainers are DBS certified and hold Public Liability Insurance

with love from a princess

With love from a princess
Location: Oxfordshire & Hertfordshire
Website: www.withlovefromaprincess.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/withlovefromaprincess
Characters available: Elsa and Anna
Certification: All of our entertainers are DBS certified and hold Public Liability Insurance

little rascals

Little Rascals Harrogate
Location: North Yorkshire
Website: None
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LittleRascalsHarrogate
Characters available: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Hans, Kristoff
Certification: All of our entertainers are DBS certified and hold Public Liability Insurance.

Kelly's princess parties

Kelly’s Princess Parties
Location: Northamptonshire
Website: www.kellysprincessparties.com
Facebook: facebook.com/kellysprincesspartiespage
Characters available: The Snow Sisters, and the Snowman
Certification: We are DBS certified and hold public liability insurance.


Frozen Iced Gemz Party Entertainers

Frozen Iced Gemz Party Entertainers
Location: Norfolk
Website: None
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frozenicedgemz
Characters available: Elsa and Anna
Certification:We are both DBS certified.

My little princess parties

My Little Princess Parties
Location: Surrey
Website: http://www.mylittleprincessparties.co.uk/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Little-Princess-Parties/33245641659
Characters available:
Certification: The company holds Public Liability Insurance and most entertainers are DBS certified.

Razzle dazzle

Razzle Dazzle Promotions Ltd.
Location: West Sussex
Website: http://razzledazzlepromotions.com/services/princesses
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RazzleDazzlePromotionsLtd
Characters available: Elsa and Anna
Certification: The company holds Public Liability Insurance and all entertainers are DBS certified.

Jolly Tots
Jolly Tots Themed Parties
Location: West Yorkshire
Website: http://www.jollytots-themed-parties.co.uk/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Jolly-Tots-Themed-Parties/
Characters available: Elsa, Anna and Olaf
Certification: The company holds Public Liability Insurance and there is always someone present who is DBS certified.


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