5 Frozen party essentials for under £1

When you are planning a party, Frozen or otherwise, the cost can quickly spiral out of control.  An individual party favour may seem a  good price when bought individually, but multiple it by 30 or more party guests and you’re soon forking out a lot of money.

But, if you shop smart and look carefully, you can always find some bargains.  Here’s five Frozen party ideas for under a pound, yes under £1.  An most of them are Frozen party essentials!!

1. Frozen cake pop printable (Etsy)

Frozen cake pop printable



2. Elsa cupcake toppers (Etsy)

Elsa cupcake toppers




3. “Build a snowman”  sweetie bag favour label (Etsy)

Frozen Party favour label


4. Snowflake fondant plunger (Amazon)

So,this is just over a pound, but it’s invaluable for your Frozen party.

Snowflake plunger


5. Frozen inflatable wand party favour

Frozen wand

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