Ten of the best Sven cakes

Everyone loves Sven, the friendly reindeer from Frozen. Sven is a reindeer with the heart of a Labrador, Sven is Kristoff’s loyal friend, super strong sleigh-puller and conscience! Do you need any more reasons to feature him on your Frozen party cake?

We’ve reined in ten of the best Sven from Frozen cakes from around the web.


Sven from Frozen cake: Baby Sven

What an adorable face!  This baby Sven cake is so cute, perfect for a baby’s first birthday party.  Bless!

frozen cake - baby sven

Source: https://www.facebook.com/littlecherrycakecompany


Sven from Frozen cake: Sven buried by snow.

Poor Sven, buried under snow.  We love that Sven is the central focus of this cake, and the extra puff of icing sugar on his nose!

frozen cake sven under snow

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Izzyscakes 


Sven from Frozen cake: Cheerful Sven and Olaf

This bright and cheerful Frozen cake shows Olaf and Sven larking around.  This Frozen party cake would brighten anyone’s day!

frozen cake - Sven and olaf

Source: http://www.cakecentral.com/g/i/3209247/frozen-cake-with-handmade-sven-and-olaf/



Sven from Frozen cake: Sven and Olaf on ice

Poor old Sven is the butt of Olaf’s joke in this cake, but we still love it. Sven looks so soft and fluffy, we just want to pick him up, cuddle him and then gobble him up!!

Frozen cake Sven flat olaf laughing

Source: http://www.catcakes.es/


Sven from Frozen cake:  Sven showstopper

This cake is pure art, but we love that Sven is tops the showtopper!

frozen cake - sven showshopper

Source: https://www.facebook.com/AtelierGaliasSugarArt


Sven from Frozen cake: Sven, Olaf and winter trees

We love the pretty trees on this cake, they remind us of the movie scene with crystals hanging from the frozen branches when we first meet Olaf.  Sven has a wonderful expression on his face here too!

frozen cake - Sven olaf trees

Source: Unknown


Sven from Frozen cake: Kind Sven

We just love the kind look in Sven’s eyes in this Frozen party cake.  He looks so lovingly at Olaf!

frozen cake - kind sven

Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Willow-cake-decorations




Sven from Frozen cake: Sven with Carrots

Sven is happily munching on a carrot in this Frozen themed cake.  We sure hope this is a carrot cake!

frozen cake sven and carrots 

Source: https://www.facebook.com/BigCakesLittleCakesAndASmileEveryDay


Sven from Frozen cake: Sven and sleigh

This cake is using plastic decorations, so it is cheating a little bit.  But we do love that the complete ice harvesting team is included: Kristoff, Sven and their sleigh!  There’s even some fuel provide, a little bunch of carrots for Sven!

Frozen cake - sven sleigh

Source: Unknown

Sven from Frozen cake: Sven fondant topper

This one is cheating a little bit, but we just can’t say no to Sven’s little face!  This Sven fondant cake topper would turn any simple white frosted cake into a stunning Frozen birthday cake!

Frozen cake - fondant sven topper

Source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/206148545/frozen-inspired-sven-the-raindeer

Ten of the best Queen Elsa doll cakes

Barbie doll cakes have been around for a long time, they have been adapted to create Disney princess cakes and most recently to create beautiful and glamorous Elsa and Anna princess doll cakes.  These Elsa princess doll cakes can be the most amazing centrepiece at your child’s Frozen themed party. They are relatively easy to make, if you have a Elsa doll to hand.  We’ve collected ten of the best Elsa doll cakes from around the web.

Queen Elsa doll cake: Large snowflakes

We love the beautifully sculpted white snowflakes on this Elsa doll cake. Elsa’s skirt is built up with flowing layers of ice blue fondant.

Queen Elsa cake - Elsa large snowflakes olaf

Source: Pinterest


Queen Elsa Doll cake: Large frosting swirls

A tasty alternative to fondant icing as decoration to an Elsa doll cake, is buttercream icing swirls.  This Elsa cake features hundreds of ice-blue buttercream swirls.

Queen Elsa cake - frosting swirls

Source: Pinterest

Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Snowflake lights

We love a bit of technology in our cakes, here’s an Elsa doll cake featuring pretty back-lit snowflakes around her hem.  She’s a sparkly magic masterpiece! We also love the detailed piping work featuring teal, ice blue and white snowflakes around the top of her skirt.

Queen Elsa cake - lit snowflakes

Source: Pinterest


Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Pressed snowflakes, neat pearls

This Elsa doll cake features lots of neatly pressed snowflakes, easily made using a snowflake fondant press.  But we included this prince cake in our top 10 because we love the neat little icing pearls spotting from top to bottom of Elsa’s skirt.

Queen Elsa cake - neat pearls

Source: Unknown


Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Ice blue gradient

We love the use of colour in this cake, which features a dark-blue to ice blue gradient in Elsa’s skirt.

Queen Elsa cake - piped snowflakes and swirls

Source: http://www.yummymummykitchen.com/


Queen Elsa Doll cake: Rock candy 

We love a bit of Rock Candy and this Elsa doll cake is unique in that it features a whole lot of it around the base of Elsa’s skirt.

Queen Elsa cake - rock candy

Source: http://www.madebyaprincessblog.com/2014/05/Frozen-Birthday-Party.html


Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Ruffles

This super glamorous Elsa, is not built into the centre of the cake skirt, but poses in front of a cake smothered in ruffles of ice-blue ruffles. You can almost hear her singing “Let it go”. We love the extra detail that she is walking over snowflake lace.

Queen Elsa cake - ruffles

Source: http://cakesrock.rocks/rockin-cakes/2558431

Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Silver Swirls

This Elsa cake is decorated with painted-on silver swirls.  We love the neat seal between the doll and the cake skirt, using a single white fondant snowflake.

Queen Elsa cake - silver swirls

Source: http://www.facebook.com/janeebabescakes


Queen Elsa Doll cake: Sugar frosted

The simplicity of this Elsa doll cake is it’s beauty.  Elsa’s cake is decorated with a fine layer of crystal sugar, giving a pretty frosted effect all over.


Queen Elsa cake - sugar frosted


Source: Pinterest


Queen Elsa Doll Cake: Twists

Another super glam Elsa, surely singing “Let it go”.  This Elsa doll is also in front of her cake skirt, which is covered in layers of ice blue fondant twists.

Queen Elsa cake - twists and leg

Source: https://www.facebook.com/cupsncakeswnc

Melted Olaf chocolate bark

Calling all chocolate lovers! If normal chocolate bars just aren’t cutting it for your Frozen party, now you can up your Frozen game with this quick, easy, melted Olaf chocolate bark. It would be as happy on the birthday tea table as wrapped in cellophane as Frozen party favours.

The setup is simple: White chocolate is melted and topped with pieces of a melted Olaf. But perhaps the real highlight of this the white chocolate carrot noses and Olaf eyeballs that stare back at you.

This recipe is so easy, it’s great fun to do together with the birthday boy or girl.


Melted Olaf Chocolate bark - www.frozenpartyideas.co.uk

Ingredients: Melted Olaf Chocolate bark

  •  450g white cooking chocolate
  • 50g white mini marshmallows (seperate out 24 to make Olaf’s eyes)
  • 20g pretzels (broken into Olaf arm and hair shapes)
  • 12 white chocolate carrot decorations
  • 150g chocolate balls or chocolate chips
  • Black design icing tube – for Olaf’s eye pupils



1. Prepare Olaf’s eyes, by adding tiny dots of black icing to eye of the 24 mini marshmallows reserved for the Olaf eyes.

Marshmallaw Olaf eyes

Marshmallaw Olaf eyes

2. Melt the chocolate in the microwave and mix in the mini marshmallows

Melted white chocolate and mini marshmallows

Melted white chocolate and mini marshmallows

3. Pour onto a lined baking tray

Olaf chocolate bark

Pour onto a lined baking tray

4. Add the pretzel Olaf arms and hair

5. Add the Olaf eyes, in pairs

6. Add the Olaf buttons

7. Add the Olaf carrot noses

Olaf chocolate bark close up

Olaf chocolate bark

8. Place the chocolate bark, on the baking tray, in the fridge for an hour

9. Cut into chunks (large ones for Mummies, small ones for little party guests!)

Melted Olaf chocolate bark

Melted Olaf chocolate bark



Melted Olaf chocolate bark

Melted Olaf chocolate bark


Frozen-themed pancakes

Don’t forget that tomorrow is pancake day! How about flipping a Frozen-themed pancake this Shrove Tuesday? These are great ideas if you are having a small Frozen-themed party this half term.

Snow queen pancakes

We love this Elsa pancake from “Miss Recipe” on YouTube. The first pancake looks like Elsa.

Olaf pancakes

Anyone else fancy a gorgeously tanned Olaf pancake tomorrow?

(Nice work Saipancakes)


Blue and white snowflake pancakes

These pancakes are so pretty and the colour scheme will match your Frozen-themed party beautifully. Snowflake pancake art!


Buzzfeed link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/frozenparty/frozen-themed-pancakes-1bzm9

Sisters from the Welsh Valleys explain how they became Elsa and Anna lookalikes

Beth and Nathalie Pearce are sisters and mothers. Beth is studying business and marketing at university and Natalie is a teaching assistant at a primary school. They live in the South Wales valleys, which they say is “wet, but very lovely with lots of lovely scenery and a close knit community”.

Despite these rather normal sounding lives, they also look a lot like a certain characters from the highest-grossing animated film of all time: Frozen.  Since January this year, this similarity has made their lives slightly less than normal, as Beth (25) and Nathalie (28) have been dressing up as Elsa and Anna to entertain children at birthday parties and birthday teas. They do their own makeup, Nathalie wears a wig to heighten the similarity with Anna and Beth plaits her own hair to look like Elsa. Children love them and they have started a small but growing following on Facebook. Below, the Frozen Party Ideas blog interviews the sisters about what it’s like to have people think you’re real Disney princesses.


When did you realise you were Elsa and Anna and start making appearances at children’s parties?

Elsa thumbnailWe realised we were just like Anna and Elsa when people began to comment that we both look like the characters and especially because we are real sisters!  Coincidentally, our personalities reflect those of Anna & Elsa!

Anna thumbnail

I am quite spontaneous, disorganised and notorious for being clumsy and messy. Beth, who plays Elsa is much more organised, self sufficient and less impulsive. We fit the Anna and Elsa roles quite naturally, so we don’t really have to act that much!


Were you Frozen fans before you started dressing up?

Anna thumbnailYes, we were both frozen fans before we started the parties. We had taken our young children to see the movie at the cinema and as you can imagine the DVD has been watched over and over ever since!

Elsa thumbnailWe both love children’s films especially Disney. Frozen also had a hint of nostalgia for us because there hadn’t been a Disney film quite like it since we were little girls. We used to idolise Belle, Ariel and Jasmine and even had all the outfits. Now, 20 years on, we have the Frozen outfits! It’s fun being a big kid for a living!


Was it your idea, or did people start telling you that you look like Elsa and Anna?

Elsa thumbnailPeople kept commenting about how we looked like the princesses! Natalie used to work as a children’s entertainer when she was in her late teens and now she works as a classroom assistant, so she has excellent skills and knowledge when it comes to interacting with children. Plus she is a mum and there’s no better experience than that! I am a also a Mum so interacting with small children comes naturally. I’m in my final year of studying a business and marketing degree, so my business and marketing knowledge along with Natalie’s knowledge of children, is the perfect recipe for starting up a children’s entertainment company!


What do you need to do to really look like the Arendelle princesses?

Elsa thumbnailOur aim is to look as natural as possible. Luckily, I naturally have long blonde hair, but to add length I plait a clip-in extension in to my hair. I’m rather fond of my plait, but I have used YouTube tutorials to achieve the full Elsa effect.  The little girls have usually got their hair plaited like mine at the party, so I always make a fuss of how wonderful they look. I also wear purple eye shadow, like my character, and add a little bit of sparkle around my eyes.

Anna thumbnailWhen we first started, I used to plait my natural brown hair, but I found that because my Anna dress is not as glamorous as Elsa’s, I didn’t feel as in character. So I invested in a good wig. I think if you’re going to wear a wig it’s important to invest in a good one. The colour actually suits my skin tone really well. I also paint on a few very light brown freckles for effect. We bought the dresses. We wish we were clever enough to make them!


What is your favourite part about being Elsa and Anna?

Anna thumbnailMy favourite thing about being Anna is seeing the children’s faces. They actually think I’m a princess, it’s adorable. They talk to me about Arendelle and ask if I married Kristoff! I love to capture their imaginations and it’s really lovely to see them excited, life is way too serious sometimes, so it’s great to put a bit of magic into children’s lives. I also enjoy seeing the parents watch their children in awe and as we are mothers ourselves we know how precious those moments are.

Elsa thumbnailThe best part for me is definitely seeing the children jump up and down with excitement when we walk through the door. I love the fact that we’re able to just let ourselves go (excuse the pun) and act like big kids throughout the party. I love asking the children questions when I’m painting their nails or face and listening to what they have to say, children are so funny! The other part I love is the actual dressing up. I’m a real girly girl and I love any excuse to do some over the top makeup.


What do you do at Frozen-themed parties?

Elsa thumbnailOur party package includes various party games, for example Frozen musical statues where Elsa freezes the children. We play pass the olaf which is similar to pass the parcel.  The “build a snowman” game is definitely our favourite, we wrap the children up in toilet roll to look like a snowman! It sounds a bit crazy and that’s because it is, the children love it.

We paint faces, mostly a Frozen theme Olaf, ice queen or an Anna design. We get the odd spider man face paint request too, but luckily we are equipped for all children’s tastes! Elsa also paints nails. We spend time with the children talking and getting to know them. I think they enjoy this the most. They feel special.

Frozen face painting

Anna thumbnailFor the birthday girl or boy we bring a crown and certificate. This is to certify that they are a princess or prince for the day and it’s given to her by myself and Elsa complete with our signatures and as a token of the day.

Anna and Elsa Frozen party

We have a happy birthday sing along and we have a music/karaoke system that we bring the the parties. It’s complete with Frozen songs and other pop tunes for the children. Unfortunately myself and Elsa can’t sing and we wouldn’t want to make the birthday girl cry, ha ha! But we offer the children the microphone to sing along to “Let it go”. To be honest I think they enjoy this more as they love being on the mic and they’ll probably get fidgety sitting there listening to us sing a song!


Anna, have you ever met a Kristoff or Hans impersonator?

Anna thumbnailWe have yet to meet a Hans or Kristoff impersonator, but it would be fun if we could all get together! I won’t be singing “Love is an open door” with him though, I might scare him away!


Are you looking forward to seeing Frozen Fever?

Elsa thumbnailI’m so excited to see Frozen fever! The new dress is amazing it’s like a spring version of what I have! Spring is my favourite season ! I’m excited to see what Disney has in store for our characters, it’s like they are writing us a new script!



It’s more than a year since Frozen first came out at the cinema, is there still a lot of demand?

Elsa thumbnailOh yes!  We are booked extremely far in advance; we already have 3 bookings for May! We are mainly booked for weekends as I’m studying a degree and I don’t get half term holidays. (cries). To be honest, we are happy to keep the company fairly small! As Natalie works full time and I’m studying full time, its just a great little side project. I’m glad we have kept it that way because it’s all about having fun and not putting too much pressure on ourselves to make it grow or take more bookings. We’ve actually had more bookings than anticipated, so whatever else comes from it is a bonus, for this reason we haven’t pushed it as much as we could. Social media and word of mouth have done all the marketing for us!


Lastly, what do your children think of your being Elsa and Anna?

Elsa thumbnailMy little boy freaked out a bit at first… “No Mammy, you’re my Mammy not Elsa. TAKE IT OFF!” Lol. But he’s got really used to it now and he’s even been at a party we recently did. I think he was rather proud!

Anna thumbnailMy little boy is quite laid back and didn’t even notice I was dressed up to be honest! Ha ha.


Elsa dress or Anna dress cupcake cakes (pull apart cakes)

What’s not to love about cupcake cakes (otherwise known as pull-apart cakes)?! They’re easy to bake, easy to serve and there are no speciality baking pans required!

Just bake enough cupcakes to allow at least one per party guest, and enough to ensure a good dress design.  We suggest about 25-30 cupcakes to create real impact.

On top of the normal kit you need to make a simple cupcake, all you really need to prepare is: a large cake board, the right food colourings for your chosen Frozen princess dress and a piping bag with a big nozzle! You may want to further accessorise the dress with a transparent veil, a magenta cape, a flurry of pretty snowflakes, or an yellow fondant Elsa plait.

Anna dress cupcakes  Elsa dress plait cupcake cake  Elsa dres cupcake cake


You can find more ideas for Frozen cupcake cakes via the inspirational photos on our website: www.frozenpartyideas.co.uk/frozen-birthday-cakes



  1. Make cupcakes and allow to cool (you may need to bake a few batches)
  2. Position your cupcakes in a dress shaped triangle on your board, adding 3-4 extra cupcakes at the top to create a bodice.
  3. Once you’re happy with the positioning, take a little butter-cream icing in your piping bag and just pop a dot of frosting onto the bottom of each cupcake, using the icing to ‘glue’ them into position on your cake board.
  4. Create the neckline and sleeves above the dress, using around 9-10 cupcakes  and glue these into place with icing.
  5. Using your piping bag and round piping tip, ice your cupcakes with a low smooth swirl, making sure you come all the way over the edges and use the icing to join the cupcakes on each side. Make sure you tailor the colour of your icing to the colours of the dress, bodice and sleeves.


Cinnamon-Sugar Snowflakes

For something completely different at a Frozen-themed birthday tea party, why not try these cinnamon-sugar snowflakes?
You’re going to love how easy these snowflakes are to make. Only four ingredients and they’re ready in ten minutes.  The kids could even cut the snowflakes themselves!


  • Flour or whole wheat tortillas
  • 2 vegetable oil or nonstick cooking spray
  • Powdered sugar
  • Cinnamon to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 200 c.
  2. Microwave tortillas, one at a time, for 10 seconds on high or until just warm.
  3. Fold tortillas in half, and then in half again. Fold in half again so it resembles a wedge (it will be thick.)
  4. Using kitchen scissors, cut triangles, circles and/or squares on the edges of the tortilla, as if you were making a paper snowflake.
  5. Unfold tortilla and place on large baking sheet(s).
  6. Brush lightly with oil or coat with cooking spray.
  7. Bake for 5 to 8 minutes or until lightly browned and crisp, turning once.
  8. Transfer to a wire rack.
  9. Generously sift powdered sugar over the warm tortillas.

Cotton Candy snow (candy floss snow)

Cotton candy has always seemed magical to me, it’s wispy charm appealed to me as a child and I was always drawn toward cotton candy stalls at school fêtes or at fairgrounds.  Now, I’ve realised just how much it looks like snow and what a wonderfully decorative feature it would make a a Frozen themed party.  It is also quite versatile in it’s use, from desserts, to drinks and of course easy, child-pleasing Frozen-themed party favours!

Frozen themed desserts using cotton candy

It’s simplicity is genius, but simple peaks of blue cotton candy look just like the North Mountain.

Frozen party -Candy floss snow peaks

(source: http://catchmyparty.com/)

And balls of blue or white candy floss are very realistic snow balls.

Frozen party -Candy floss snow cones

(Source: http://blog.dressmycupcake.com/)

Cotton candy wands make a stand out centre piece on your Frozen-theme dessert table.

Frozen party -candy floss wands

(Source:  unknown)

Frozen themed drinks using cotton candy

Frozen themed snowball cocktail, using white cotton candy

Whipped cream flavoured vodka mixed with lemon juice makes this drink a perfect combination of sweet and sour!

Frozen party -Candy floss cocktail - snow ball

(source: http://tastykitchen.com/)


  • 2 measures, fluid Whipped Cream Flavoured Vodka
  • 1 measure, freshly squeezed lemon Juice
  • 1 “ball” of white cotton candy
  • Sugar or white sugar pearls, to frost a martini glass


  1. In a shaker filled with ice cubes, put in 2 shots of whipped cream vodka and one shot of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Place the cotton candy in a martini glass rimmed with sugar or white sugar pearls. Strain the cocktail over the cotton candy, “melting” the snowball and infusing the cocktail with sweetness.

Frozen themed kid’s mocktail using cotton candy

This strikingly beautiful children’s mocktail is simple. First, freeze water in snowflake shaped ice cube trays before the party. When it’s time to serve, be sure to use clear glasses so the kids can enjoy the visual appeal. Place the frozen snowflake ice cubes in the bottom of the glass. Next, add blue cotton candy in the glass, then pour water over it and watch the magic happen!

Frozen party -candy floss mocktail - ice water


Frozen themed favours using candy floss

All the kids can take their own lump of Arendelle snow home with them with candy floss party favours.

Frozen party -candy floss goblets favours

(source: http://catchmyparty.com/)

Frozen party -candy floss icecream favours

(source: http://www.thesweetestbaker.com/)


Cotton candy making machines

If you are going to use a lot of cotton candy at a party, say if you can giving away 30 cotton candy favours, it makes a lot of sense to invest in a cotton candy maker, which are available to buy at around $45.  You could also then decorate your whole Frozen-themed party venue with cotton candy snow!

candy floss maker

Frozen party for boys

A lot of boys insist that Frozen is for girls. But, I know for a fact that there’s a lot of boys who also love it. My two year old boy is obsessed with Frozen; he learnt to sing “Let it go” before he learnt to sing any nursery rhyme and I have to be very careful to equally share and divide any Frozen-related gifts with him and his sister.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if my son asks for a Frozen party for his birthday too. I’m facing two Frozen parties this year, potentially, a girlie one and a boys one. Of course, the web is dominated by Elsa dresses and pretty Elsa and Anna princess party supplies. For boys, the availability of Frozen costumes and dressing up clothes is much more limited. Yes, there’s a few Olaf bits and pieces appearing, but my son for one isn’t only about Olaf. And he’s also not going to be happy sitting down and threading a princess bracelet as a party game, or decorating a tiara. There must be more games suitable for boys.

So, how to plan a Frozen birthday party for boys?

Kristoff Costume

These can look very cute on a little pre-schooler.  The outfit is actually pretty straightforward and can be made at home cheaply and easily.

Kristoff outfitHomemade Kristoff outfit

The DIY Kristoff costume shown above was created using:

  • a boys t-shirt,
  • a fleece scarf (used for belt)
  • a matching fleece ear band (used for neck trim),
  • and 50 cm fur fabric.


  • Cut sleeves off t-shirt at angle and attach fur.
  • Cut small v in neck of t-shirt then cut one side of ear band and attach to neckline of t-shirt.
  • Attach scarf as belt and make v shape cut on lower right of t-shirt and attach fur.
  • Pair with a long sleeve blue shirt and grey pants and we are ready for the Frozen themed birthday party.

Frozen-themed boys party games

Although some princess bits and pieces are fun for boys too, go for the winter activities and focus more on the Kristoff, Sven and Olaf. Perfect boy games would be:

Pin the nose on Olaf

Pin the nose on Olaf

Based on the classic pin the tail on the donkey, in this game the blindfolded party guest needs to pin Olaf’s nose on the snowman.

Building ice towers

Who can build the tallest tower of ice cubes, a la Kristoff the ice harvester?

Ice block sled racing

(Source: www.momendeavors.com)

Kristoff ice block racesDivide up the party guests into two teams. Set up two stacks of ice blocks, help carry the ice over to the ice blocks to the sleds. Then have fun racing each other across the garden with the blocks of ice! Set it up as a relay, and see which team can transport all their ice blocks first.

Do you want to build a snowman

do you want to build a snowman olaf

This is a fun and easy party game and kids love playing it. You will need several rolls of toilet paper (snow) – all the same brand and number of sheets. The object of of the game is to see which team can make one of their team members into a snowman first by wrapping them in the “snow” (toilet paper) . To set up divide party guests into groups of 2 or 3 and give each team a roll of toilet paper. If the teams have 3 people each then one of the team members will be wrapped by the other 2 members of their team. Each team group gets a roll of toilet paper for each person who will be wrapping. Let the teams choose who will be wrapped first. On “go” the kids who are wrapping will give the end of the toilet paper to the person being wrapped and they will hold the ends in their hands. They then wrap their toilet paper around and around until they are out of paper and the person being wrapped is covered from head to toe. First group to empty their rolls of toilet paper yells “Snowman” and wins! Supply them with an orange carrot nose, some flimsy twig arms, and big black buttons, with sticky pads on the back, so they can dress their snowman too.  Give points for style!

Sven ring toss / Sven hoopla

Sven ring too

You can create a cardboard Sven target, usings his antlers as the pins, or you could buy an inflatable reindeer ring toss hat, as pictured, and have one of the party guests sit “collecting the rings”.  You could turn it into a team game by having more than one inflatable hat.  The team with the most rings hooked, is the winner.


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“What’s that amazing smell? Chocolate!”, Frozen-themed chocolate fountain

You can’t help loving a chocolate fountain.  And once you start dipping, you can’t stop (well in my case anyway)!   Children adore them too. You’ll have happy chocolatey faces everywhere. Make sure you have lots of wipes. Running the fountain won’t be messy, but the kids will be! But regardless of any mess, I can do this, I was born ready!

Frozen-themed chocolate

The amazing thing is that you can get all sorts of colours of chocolate to flow through them. And although most people prefer dark or milk chocolate, a white or even blue chocolate cascade would be fabulous at a Frozen-themed party.

Frozen-themed Chocolote fountain – Dipping items

As for the items to dip, you can’t go wrong…everything will fit so well with the Frozen party theme.

Marshmallows monsters – check!

Frozen heart strawberries – check!

Pretzel stick Olaf arms – check!

Mini meringue snow balls – check!

All absolutely delicious.


Plenty of choice 

Like anything these days, there’s plenty of choice.  You can buy chocolate fountains fairly cheaply, or you can go chocolate crazy and buy one with lights on.

Amazon.com: Chocolate fountain (sensible size).

Frozen themed chocolate fountain


Amazon.co.uk: Colour Changing Illuminated Surround chocolate fountain


Frozen themed chocolate fountain - lights colour changing


I have to admit, this would look pretty awesome with Frozen blue lights on.


For lots more ideas of Frozen party food, check  out our website: www.frozenpartyideas.co.uk/frozen-party-food.